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Animals In The Crawlspace

how to remove opossum and other critters from under home

Noise in the attic?

Scratching underneath home or bathtub?

Customers who have animals going into to the crawlspace may not hear the animal for quite some time.  Animals moving in this area generally do not make much noise unless they climb up from the crawlspace, up the walls, and then into the attic.  Most animal in crawlspace jobs are called in because the customer hears the animal up in the attic.

Inspection, Trap Set-Up, Building Repairs
Our animal control experts inspect a home and find how it is entering.  Droppings and types of entry point clue our wildlife experts into what specie of animal we are dealing with.  On the first visit, our Orlando trappers come ready to get everything in place right away. For large animals, the entry point is trapped with large cages facing the entry point as well as facing out.

Everything except the primary entry point is sealed immediately to cut down on the critters options.  With everything in place, the opossum has no choice but to come out directly into a trap.

Removing trapped animals
For large animal trapping jobs for raccoons, opossums, or armadillos, our customers are responsible for checking the live traps set outside the home.  The customer calls our Orlando rodent experts remove the captured animals and continue trapping until we are certain that all animals have been removed from the crawlspace.

Animals In Under Home
There are really 2 main suspects when animals are underneath the home: rats or opossums. The size of entry points along the foundation vents or at the crawlspace door is one crucial factor in determining whether the critters are rats or possums. I have trapped raccoons entering a crawlspace, but only once. And I haven't comes across a situation where squirrels were living under the home.
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rats in orlando

rats in orlando

rats in orlando
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Animals in the crawlspace?  Orlando pest control for expert critter help!


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Question We have some kind of animal in our crawl space and I wondered what we can do. I only hear it at night and I don't hear any noises it makes, only the scratching in the Orlando Florida ductwork (i think) and there are pieces of insulation appearing in the A/C vents. When i hear it i usually bang on the vent and it seems to stop it for a while. My husband thinks it is getting in through the A/C unit outside and I called out our exterminators but they said it was not rats because the feces were the size of cat feces. Please help I have a five month old baby who sleeps all night and I am kept awake by the animal under the house!!!!


t sounds like you have a mother raccoon using your crawlspace for her den. This is the time of year for raccoons to have their babies (kits) which can be from one to four kits. She must be nesting in a larger section of your AC than the Florida duct work, like the box that has the air filter or dehumidifier. I would open those boxes to see if she has a nest or babies in there, if she does have babies in there then leave something in there that smells like humans, dogs or cats and leave it for a day. She will move her babies out of there if she fears for their safety and then you can close the duct work off with a screen. If she doesn't have any babies in there but has been nesting, then just close off the AC unit with some metal screen on the outside.

If the feces are as large as a cat then it is probably a raccoon, however it could be a possum or a skunk also. Possums carry their babies with them, so that would only entail you closing off the vent, rats are a different story all together.  I would guess it is a rat however and they will build nests in crawl spaces or attics of houses this time of year.

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