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raccoon animal trapper photo gallery of raccoons in attic - Florida rats, squirrels

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Winter Park, FL raccoon wildlife trapper - Florida Animal Control

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Winter Park Animal Control | Removal | Trapper Raccoon Photos
winter park snakes florida trapper snakes in orlando photo oviedo raccoon removal raccoon trap pic
Orlando raccoon trapper raccoon control in Maitland  raccoon removal from Winter Park Florida baby raccoon with animal control expert
raccoon removal image young raccoon control baby image raccoon trapped at attic photo how to catch raccoons pic
raccoon in natural "attic" Florida Animal and Raccoon trapper raccoon caught getting out of attic - house sealed to keep critters out critter controlled, and Florida animal problem solved
Orlando raccoon in attic florida racoon removal wildlife removal image get animals out of attic
baby coon in FL Florida raccoon trapper Jon's first animal control job - Orlando, Florida 2003 marshmellow bait
racoon removal FL trapping critter pic Altamonte Springs raccoon how to get rid of raccoons photo

a rats in the attic problem also had others animals in the home

racoon babies in the attic animal litter in Orlando expert wildlife control for Florida - raccoon family
trapping squirrels in FL rats in attic pic Altamonte Springs raccoon on roof squirrel control Winter Park
mother raccoon and baby in trap attic raccoon in FL raccoon family on roof raccoon tracks by pool
Winter Park bat removal bats in the attic photo winter park wildlife trapper pic
raccoon peeking out damage to home in Orlando posing for our first Orlando Animal Removal ad raccoon catches in Florida

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Rat Raccoon Squirrel Bat
Possum Snake Bird Armadillo
Animal Trapper in Winter Park FL    Wildlfe Patrol is an animal trapping company in Central Florida. We specialize in animal in attic problems, where we trap the rodent critters, keep out animals by repairing the home, and restore the attic. Raccoon removal is one of most common jobs. These photos are all originally taken by our own animal trappers.


Winter Park Animal | Pest Control - trapping and removal of bats, squirrels, snakes, rats, and raccoons

Confrontations between people and wildlife are common problem in Winter Park Florida. With more development and an overabundance of vegetation, animals are being pushed from their natural habitats; and many Winter Park animals are forced to find new homes inside the attics of homes and businesses.  Bats, rats, squirrels and other critters in the attic create property damage, disturbance, and the risk of zoonotic diseases like rabies, mange, oxcarts, and histoplasmosis..

Wildlife Patrol is an owner-operatred Winter Park animal control company established in 2003 to deliver humane wildlife control and animal removal in Florida. With coverage in Orlando, Sarasota, Tampa, and Lake Mary, we're able to provide animal | rat | critter | pest control and wildlife removal services in greater central Florida.

We provide professional, effective, humane animal removal and general pest control services.  Our Winter Park trappers can trap, relocate, or control almost any nuisance animals in your attic or elsewhere in your home, or on your property.

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