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   Animal Control in Orlando, Florida

Nuisance Animal Control in Orlando, FL means dealing with the critters listed below.  These are 'The Usual Suspects'.  Follow the links to learn more about these animals and what Wildlife Patrol does to resolve conflicts created by them.




Animal Control Orlando, FL Points:

1. Most animal problems start with animals using openings that were built into the home, openings that have existed from the start.

2. Critter populations, especially rat, are high in ALL Orlando neighborhoods.

3. Animals in the attic chew wires, air ducts, & plumbing and ruin insulation.

 4. It is far easier, and less expensive, to prevent animal in attic issues before they arise by critter proofing the home.

5. Do NOT use poison to solve rat problems - they can die inside hard to reach areas, and the real problem (the openings on the roof) still exists.

6. Wildlife Patrol is Orlando’s best animal control company - just ask us for references in your neighborhood!



 Animal Control Orlando, FL Common Misconceptions: 

    “I have 3 dogs and 2 cats; they take care of anything that comes creeping around my home, so there cannot possibly be any animals in our attic.”

Wrong! Wild animals are always attracted to homes where other animals already reside. Rats and raccoons are especially drawn to the smell of pet food. Your cat may catch an occasional rat, but many more will slip by.

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