Armadillo Control

how to trap for these digging critters &
protect your lawn from burrowing

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Professional armadillo control and trapping services for Apopka, Oviedo, FL & more

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How To Trap For Armadillos

Equipment     Use large animal cage traps, we prefer Havahart model 1079 traps. Using multiple traps will increase the odds of catching the armadillo quickly.

Bait     There is no bait that will lure an armadillo into a trap. The trap is set baitless in a location the animal was going to walk through anyways on its own. We have experiments with a number of baits to see if anything increases the odds of success, but nothing works better than a baitless trap. Additionally, baiting the trap will increase the odds of catching a non-target animal like raccoon or opossum.

Trap Location     Animals love to move along edges. Set your trap along a fence or against the side of the house near the burrow sites. A trap set in the middle of the yard will, even if it is close to surface digging, will rarely succeed in capturing the armadillo.

Use 3-4 traps     Multiple traps increase the odds in your favor. Ideally a trap would be set at each active burrow.
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The keys to trapping armadillo    
  • set traps around the animal's burrow
  • use 3-4 traps at once
  • plan for the armadillo to move along the edge of the house or bushes, and set your trap accordingly
  • use temporary fencing to help funnel the animal into the trap

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