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Expert trapping removal of possums from inside the attic - how to get rid of opossum

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Possums In The Attic

Heavy animal noises coming from the ceiling?

Opossums enter attics for warmth and safety. Once it picks an attic as its Orlando home, it will stay there as long as it can. Opossums enter by climbing trees and gutters to get to the roof and then taking advantage of weak points in the roof, soffit, or eaves. In the attic, the animal will nest and nurture its litter. They create problems by dislodging sensitive attic structures, keeping the homeowners awake, and leaving a large mess of droppings / feces.

opossum family in attic
A mother opossum with its babies. Just a few weeks older, these babies would leave the mother and scatter around the attic. Many would fall down wall spaces. This is the right age to catch these animals and remove them all together.  Our Orlando trappers pride themselves in not leaving any possums behind in the attic!

get rid of attic possum photo
Jon removes the mother by hand first... Grabbing a possum by the tail is the best way to remove these animals. With the tail in hand, the animal can no longer bite the trapper.  A snare pole is also a possibility for removing these animals in the attic, but for the most part grabbing the tail is far easier than snaring around the neck.

getting the opossum out photo
The babies look on as the mother is removed. The mother is placed in a trap that Jon brought into the attic.  The possums in the attic Orlando need to be quickly caught before they run down the eave or down a wall well.

opossums removal attic photo
After the mother possum is removed, the litter is retrieved by hand.  Baby opossum will try to bite ... so always hire a professional for dealing with opossum in the attic.

possum in attic photo
Possums leave behind a large mess. Attic cleanup
is recommended for homes where the opossum has lived for more than a week.  Possum in the attic droppings are large and resemble dog droppings.

Opossum in the attic?  Call our attic pest    control for immediate solutions!




First you must locate the access holes the opossum is using to get under or into your house, or under your deck; check all vent screens.  Then purchase and have the material handy to replace or repair the screen, stucco, wood or other material that is in disrepair.  There is no need to exclude the opossum if you aren't going to correct the attraction.   Wad up and lightly stuff newspaper in the breach of the hole.   Sprinkle a layer of flour around the entrance.

Wait for the opossum to leave at night.  Opossums are nocturnal and will leave shortly after sundown to hunt for food.  Check frequently for the newspaper to have been pushed out and for tracks in the flour leading away from the hole to ensure the opossum has left.

Once it leaves, seal the entrance thoroughly if you cannot immediately complete the repair at that moment.  If you see tracks returning to the hole then do not seal; there is an animal in there.  Make sure there are no young left behind before sealing or the animals will die.  It is best if you can wait until the non-breeding season (usually October to December) before sealing an area in order to give the young a chance to leave.  Remember, if an opossum should become trapped after an area is sealed you will end up with an awful smell and additional expense removing the seal and then resealing after the body is removed.

If the opossum is using a tree to access the hole, cut the branch away from the house after the opossum leaves.  Opossums cannot jump so trim back enough just so they can't reach by stretching.  Allowing branches of trees to touch your house also gives bugs access to your roof area which will attract the opossum and other animals as a food source.

You must keep up your house in its originally pest-proof state.   Not doing so will provide (or maybe is already providing) other animals to seek refuge including:  skunks, raccoons, mice, rats.   If your home is so old that it was never built to exclude animals, contact your local pest control for them to come out and "pest-proof" your home by exclusionary methods.  Most pest control companies will humanely trap and release large mammals from your property also.  Ask them what they do with the animals before you enlist their services.


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