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Excluding Bats Colonies in Florida

Most bat problem in Florida are caused by Mexican (Brazillian) Free-Tailed Bats. This specie of bat forms large maternal colonies. When these colonies are established, several hundred to several thousand bats may be involved. Occasionally these bat colonies are setup in a human building where their droppings create an unsitely health risk.

When a building has a bat problem, the building has entry / exit points that are letting the bats fly out every sunset and return every sunrise. The key of solving a bat problem is using the architecture to one's advantage and relying on the bats to leave for nightly insect hunting.

Our Florida bat experts remove bat colonies through exclusion.  No bats are trapped, killed, or exterminated.

This is picture of Florid bats crawling around in an attic in Tampa, FL. Bat removal work takes place outside the building. This bat photograph was taken during the inspection while determining the amount of bat droppings / guano in the attic.

The bats here are getting out of the attic. This setup will allow the bats to leave but not return. After it has been in place for 5 days, all the bats will be outside.

Bats flying around the exlusion system in St. Petersberg, FL. The bats will attempt to enter the building several times before giving up and leaving the area to find a new nesting site.

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