How to remove bats in Orlando, FL

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How To Remove Bats

 bat problem experts - Orlando, FL

Bat problems under the roof or inside the attic.
Bats colonize the building in large numbers, annoying the Florida residents with their large numbers and large amount of guano.  When the colony gets unbearably large or when they realize the bats will not be leaving on their own, they call Orlando bat removal at 407-810-1381.

Bat expert building inspection and project proposal.
Florida bat removal is completely dependent on the architecture of the building the bats are using. Every job requires a solution tailored to that building.

On this first visit, our Orlando bat experts inspect the building outside and inside the attic to determine how to remove bats,  what needs to be sealed on the building, and what kind of cleanup should be performed for the bat droppings.

Installing the exclusion system and sealing the building
Once a contract is agreed upon, our expert bat control work begins with sealing auxillary openings of the building and setting up the bat removal netting. This step is longest step and may involve several days of sealing. Most of the building is sealed duirng this stage, with only a few spots left open. All open areas are covered with removal systems. After this how to remove bats stage has been complete, the bats will no longer be able to enter the building. And any bats inside the building will be released out the exclusion netting.

Sealing the last openings, cleaning out the attic
After the removal systems have been in place for 5-7 days, our bat experts return to take down the exclusion system, seal the last openings into the building, and clean out the attic.

In some cases cleaning is performed simultaneously with the repairs to the building. The main goal of removing the bat problem guano is prevent its inhalation - a known carrier of histoplamosis.
remove bat problems in orlando

get rid of bat experts in orlando

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bat experts Florida

            How to remove bat problems!

how to get rid of bats Florida 

bat experts: 407-810-1381


Being bit by a bat problem or any other wild animal is a serious problem and should not be taken lightly. As soon as you realize you were bitten contact your local health department IMMEDIATELY! Few wild animals have rabies, however it is a deadly virus, and if you were bit by an animal with it you need rabies post-exposure shots. These are a series of 7 shots in your arm. If at all possible try to contain the animal that bit you so it can be tested, if it tests negative you will not receive the shots. Please take all bites seriously, some people feel badly that the animal needs to be put down and tested for rabies, but remember that if you get rabies it is fatal and you do not want to take any chances.  Orlando bat experts recommend not letting bat problems bite you.



Bat problems that are often found in people's houses are young bats that have lost their way. They may also be adult bats that accidentally fly through an open window or door. The first step in removing the bat from the home is to stay calm. If the bat is flying around, it is not trying to attack anyone, it is only attempting to find a way out. Turn on some lights in the house so that you can easily see the bat and the Orlando bat problem can also see (bats are not blind). Next, close the doors to adjoining rooms, open the doors and windows in the room the bat is flying around, and if possible, turn on a light outside so the bat can readily see the exit. The bat has very good echolocation (radar), but it is also frightened being in a human's house. More than likely, the Orlando bat expert will just fly right out the open door or window within a few minutes. You may want to be more direct and use a small mesh net or pillow case to gently catch the bat in flight. If the bat lands and does not fly again, there are other ways to remove it. First, put on a pair of thick leather work gloves, and find a small cardboard box or coffee can. Slowly walk up to the bat and put the container over the bat expert, slip a piece of cardboard or book behind it and take it outside and let it go.



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