Florida Bat Removal and Control

Bats flying and roosting in tile roof? Colony in the attic?
Exclude these bats and keep them out permanently.

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Bat Control | Removal | Exclusion

Bats cause problems for homeowners and commercial buildings by roosting together in colonies within the building. Colony population can range from 20 to 1000 bats per building. Bats pose health risks due to the accumulation of droppings inside and outside the building.

Wildlife Patrol specializes in permanent bat removal. No bats are harmed during the exclusion and no chemicals are used.

Call 407-810-1381 for our professional help.

Bat Exclusion is the process used by Wildlife Patrol to remove bat colonies from houses and commercial buildings.

1. inspection - structure analyzed for entry points and population level.

2. exclusion - one way netting installed and repairs begun

3. repairs - netting removed and repairs completed

4. decontamination - bat guano vacuumed away and area sprayed down with atomized Bioshield®

When done properly a Bat Exclusion will achieve two goals: To remove ALL Bats that are occupying the structure and to completely seal the structure to prevent Bats from returning. The Bat exclusion process is extremely tedious work. Technicians work with very small tolerances. They must be very detail-oriented and be VERY thorough. Failure to properly seal one ¼ inch gap can result in a failed exclusion.

Wildlife Patrol are not exterminators and we do not exterminate or kill bats. Bats are removed safely, humanely, and without dangerous chemicals or poisons.
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