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Rodent, raccoon, squirrel, snake, mouse, possum problems in home or walls?

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Florida, FL Animal | Rat Control Professionals

     Central Florida is a great home for wildlife critters. Our mild FL winters and numerous Orlando lakes support large numbers of pest raccoons, opossums, armadillos, rats, and squirrels. The critters are constantly looking for safe places to nest and rear their young. Due to their high numbers in most Florida neighborhoods from Lake Mary, FL to Windermere, FL ; rats, bats, and squirrels will find their way through a roof and settle in the attic. When wildlife invades an attic or crawlspace, our FL rat and animal control experts are the solution.

     Wildlife Patrol is a small wildlife removal company covering Central FL including Kissimmee, Sanford, Oviedo, Lake Mary, Maitland, Heathrow, Windermere, Apopka, FL and more. We provide the best Florida animal control and Florida bat removal services! Click around our website for information about what our Florida animal trappers do and for information about FL wildlife.

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Call 407-810-1381 for expert wildlife removal services in Central Florida

The most common animal control problem for Florida, FL is animal inside attic. some critter, usually a mother animal, enters a home's attic from the rooftop. The mother - whether its rat, squirrel, or raccoon - seeks out the attic as a safe, warm place to care for its litter. Rodents in attic is more common than large animals like opossums and raccoons, but both happen regularly in Orlando, Florida.

The homeowner hears the Florida animal sporadically for a few days. The animals live up in the attic for quite a while without the homeowner realizing it is up there. Especially if the insulation is thick or if the home is rarely lived in. Most of the nuisance animals are nocturnal and awaken the homeowner from sleep with their activity.

Most animal control problems begin with small weak points in the building. Once the animals are trapped, the building can be sealed to prevent future wildlife problems. Proper landscaping and trash upkeep play a role as well, but ultimately securing the building is the highest priority.

If the animal problem is solved immediately, the animals do not have a chance to cause a large mess with their droppings and waste. In homes with longstanding problems, attic decontamination services are strongly recommended.
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  Florida Animal Control - Lake Mary,
  Windermere, Winter Park, Sarasota, Tampa




And next up are the Florida rats and squirrels, and after that raccoons no doubt.  Florida wildlife control is the in-thing round here, now that hunting’s so restricted. I remember a bat telling me with pride about a fox he’d shot, as it sneaked away from a pheasant drive. “It were so beautiful,” he said. It isn’t any more.

Of course we have to control critter  pests. Anyone who farms must know that this year we’re in the grip of a rodent plague. Rats and mice are everywhere, and the only things that help are serious traps and serious bats. You’ve got to admire the little horrors, though. We might think we’re in Florida wildlife control, but a moment’s inattention and they’ll have us. Bats at least have the ability to fight rats in the attic.

Not much else does. With our roads and our land hunger, we have driven Florida’s wildlife to the very edge. This Christmas, wildlife removal, with every good wish for his future. But babies born today may never see a squirrel or a snake in the wild. Just as I will never know the clouds of squirrels that used to fill Florida’s summer lanes, they may grow up to find rats as rare as squirrels What a sadness. What a crime. Just because they got in our way.



What Florida animal control saw was a raccoon standing in Sarasota, foaming at the mouth and growling at cars in Tampa. /font>

What Florida animal control  thought was that this animal was sick, maybe rabid, and that someone could get hurt.

So Florida animal control  grabbed his cell phone and dialed:

• Maitland police, where a dispatcher told him to call …

• Seminole County Animal Care & Control, which referred him to …

• Apopka Wildlife Removal, where someone suggested that he ring the …

• Orlando Rat Control, which told him, "Lock and Load. Shoot it if it's on your property."

"I told them I was driving in the car," Bats said.

Then he gave up.

"I think someone should be accountable and take ownership for it," Bats said. "I hate this f*&#ing state."


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