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Get Squirrels and Bats Out Of Home

The fastest and most consistent way of solving a squirrel in attic problem is to use a 1-way door trap. This type of trap must be set up at the squirrel's entry and exit point and no other holes should be present.

All animals have to leave the attic virtually everyday to get food and water outside. They can't leave anywhere. They have to leave at the 1 or 2 spots they've been using. The 1-way trap exploits knowing that the squirrel has to leave and doesn't have many options to do it.

The pictures below show a normal get squirrels out of attic job in Windermere, FL  
Click here to see how we get bats out of attics.
get squirrels out of windermere attic photo The Florida squirrel is looking to get out of the attic but sees there is a new device in its way (not to mention a scary wildlife trapper with a camera). Squirrels will cautiously approach these traps at first, but eventually will need to get out.

squirrel removal photo This gable vent in Windermere, Florida was the primary entry point. Our animal control experts screened the gable vent except for the small opening where the trap would be set. The trap can hold up to 4 squirrels at once.

bats removal windermere Multiple squirrels in 1-way trap in Orlando, FL.   Get squirrels and bats out of the attics by isolating their entry points and using the fact that the animals have to leave the attic to go outside for food

bat control windermere florida Windermere rat control CANNOT be performed in this manner. Rats will not push through 1-way doors consistently enough, and so rats have to be trapped in the attic.  Windermere rat control must be performed in the attic.

Get our Windermere Animal Control service to come get the animals out of the attic: 407-810-1381


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If you every find a buildup of guano in your home  be
sure to act immediately and remove it. There are all 
types of microorganisms which can flourish in their fecal 
matter - histoplasmosis being one of better known - which 
could present a hazard to residents. For this reason 
alone you should act to keep them out and then to have all
excrement removed. For most dropping removal you
should wear a RESPIRATOR. Be sure to use one with
good filters and charcoal. This will help filter
out any noxious gas associated with cleanup. Be sure
to wear some old clothes you can preferably throw
away but if you intend on keeping and cleaning them, 
be sure to wash them alone to prevent cross
contamination. Once all droppings have been bagged
in some type of strong plastic Hefty bag you can
go start cleanup. Do this with a product called
ROUGH'N READY which is a strong disinfectant. It will kill
off all virus and bacteria as well as remove some
of the smell. However, if the smell persists one
week after cleanup, you will have to apply some
NNZ or ODOR KILLER. These materials specialize in the
breakdown of organic compounds which create the
odor. By attacking the source of the odor they are
able to prevent it from coming back. These products
can be applied with a standard Pump Sprayer or 
simply a bucket and sponge.


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