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Heathrow Squirrel Control

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Jon talks about squirrel removal process  juvenile squirrel peaking out of eave    squirrel up in attic
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Heathrow Squirrels    Heathrow, FL is a subdivision of Lake Mary, Florida. This area of Orlando, Florida has an especially high amount of squirrel problems. Increased number of squirrel problems stem from the tile roofs of the community and the large, old trees in the neighborhood.


Squirrel Removal Control -  Heathrow squirrels are  the most common pest critter our Heathrow animal control trappers deal with. Squirrels love to live inside the attics - an attic is a perfect warm nesting site for its babies. Mostly  flying squirrels and diurnal Eastern Gray Squirrels that give people trouble in Heathrow. Squirrels will often chew holes into the home in order to get in, and once in, they can chew on the wood trusses and the wiring in the attic.  Animal Damage Repairs - no critter pest control job is complete without critter proofing the home - most of all, fixing and sealing up the holes the animals have created in order to get into the building. Wildlife prevention is the real solution to your wildlife problems.

Bat Critter Pest Control - Bat removal and exclusion is removal trapping that only a professional expert. Most bats and bat colonies are protected by state laws, make sure Lake Mary bat control removes the problem - without killing any of the bats. Heathrow animal control seals up the building to prevent any re-entry, and clean up the droppings completely, and offer a guarantee on the work..

      Heathrow, Lake Mary Wildlife Removal | Animal Control

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Trapping - Heathrow rapping is an underrated method of  Lake Mary controlling rodents. One reason Florida bat control is often overlooked is that snap traps have been around for a long time and are cheap. Traps can be used to eliminate rats where poison baits would be dangerous, to avoid dead rat odors, and to eliminate bait-shy rats.

It is important to place traps where the rats are. Rats and mice are used to human odors so there is no need to use gloves when handling traps. Since mice travel only 10-30 feet but rats travel 100-150 feet from harborages, more traps are needed to trap mice than rats in a house.

Rat proofing - Rodent proofing is changing the structure of buildings in order to prevent entry of rats and mice. In considering rodent Heathrow proofing, you must know that

  • Rats can squeeze through cracks inch wide; mice, inch wide. Any place a pencil can be poked, a mouse can go.
  • Rats can climb the inside of vertical pipes 1 - 4 inches in diameter.
  • Rats can climb the outside of vertical pipes up to 3 inches in diameter and any size if within 3 inches of a wall.
  • Rats can jump vertically 36 inches, horizontally 48 inches, and reach horizontally or vertically 15 inches.
  • Rats can jump 8 feet from a critter pest control tree to a house if the branch is 15 feet above the roof.

Rats and mice also have different Lake Mary behavior around new objects. Rats are cautious, and it may be a week before they approach a trap. Mice are curious and will normally approach traps the first night. If you don't catch a mouse in the first few nights, the trap is in the wrong location. To help rats overcome trap shyness, place traps unset, in place, for several days. This allows rats to overcome shyness and results in better catches.

Baited traps rely on the rat's being attracted for feeding. The bait must compete with other available foods, so no one bait is ever the best bait for all locations. Squirrels living on Lake Mary garbage or spoiled food prefer something fresh. The following are some baits that have proven to be squirrels.


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