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Wildlife Inspections for Orlando, FL
Building Inspections

Identify the problem specie, the structure's entry points, and contributing environmental factors.

Determining the soluton
Our work begins with a thorough inspection of the property. This first step is the most important. During the inspection, Wildlife Patrol will determine which specie is causing the problem and how the animals are entering the structure.

Every building is unique and attention to detail is vital. We take pride in performing the most complete inspections possible. We do this by scouring the inside and outside of the structure including the rooftop, attic, crawlspace, home proper, and landscaping.

The inspection guides the rest of our work.
Trapping question answered: what types of traps should be used and more importantly, where and how they should be set.
Repair question answered: what areas are definitely being used by the animals, and what other structure points are vulnerable to future wildlife problems.
Decontamination questions answered: how heavily soiled is the attic and should decontamination be performed vs. replacement of attic insulation vs. no cleanup work required.
The Wildlife Patrol Advantage

  • Owner operated.
    All work performed by Wildlife Patrol is executed by the owners of the company. Larger wildlife companies will send out their employees, who may or may not be experienced enough to solve difficult situations.

  • Younger, thinner, more athletic.
    Wildlife work is physically demanding.  Traveling through attics and exploring roofs in Florida heat is exhausting even for us. Sometimes being in great shape doesn't make a difference. But many times, we finish jobs that we KNOW no other company would be physically able to perform.

  • Better equipment and materials.
    We equip ourselves with top of the line tools, traps, and construction materials because we know your home deserves the best.

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