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Get Orange County wildlife out permanently.

Close the entry points and reinforce vulnerable areas.

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Repairs are often in tight spots ...
Repairing Entry Sites
Once the inspection has been performed, Wildlife Patrol will have identified areas of the structure that are allowing animals to enter. Closing these sites is essential to protecting the building for the long term. If only trapping is performed, the target animals may all be caught... but unless the structure is secured, the problem will recur when new animals find these weak points.

The repairs needed are unique to the structure and the cost involved in their closure is determined once the site is fully inspected. In general, large animals (raccoons or opossums) enter through one site; whereas smaller animals (rats and squirrels) enter through multiple sites. This means that in general more repairs are required for rodents than for large animals.

Repairs are performed at the same time as the trap setup. The repairs assist the trapping process in that they guide animals into our traps or confuse the animals, making them easier to catch.
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requiring tricky ladder work.

The Wildlife Patrol Advantage
  • The owners of this company will perform the repairs themselves. This translates to higher quality work - stronger, longer-lasting, and better looking.

  • We will work from the inside of the attic when possible in areas other companies will not trust to send their employees.

  • We give all customers a full evaluation of the home and the work that should be done. We evaluate your home on the principle of what we would do for our own home. Repair recommendations are ranked in the order we judge their importance.

  • All repairs performed by Wildlife Patrol are guaranteed against re-entry; and we fully expect our repairs to last permanently.

  • Mosquito County was created in 1824. It was renamed Orange County in 1845 for the fruit that constituted the county's main product. At its peak in the early 1970s, some 80,000 acres (320 km˛) were planted in citrus in Orange County. A truly impressive sight while driving through the rolling hills of the region were the vast vistas of the dark green foliage of orange trees and the intoxicating scent of the orange blossoms when in bloom. Today, far fewer commercial orange groves remain. The vast majority of groves were destroyed by the devastating freezing temperatures experienced in several severe winters of the early 1980s. The financial setbacks, (not the first in the history of the grove region), was just too much for many growers and many, economically destroyed, just walked away from the land and its outstanding obligations. Others hung on awaiting any opportunities. One of the major land owners and growers in the region was the Tropicana company. They, however, also threw in the towel rather than try to come back again from these seemingly generational decimations. With no realistic avenues for agricultural utilization of this rural land and Florida's continuing strong population growth and its attendant needs, (not the least of which was aided and abetted by the great success of nearby Disney World and Universal Studios), these areas began and continue to be, swallowed up by growing housing developments. However, several packing plants and wholesalers who get their oranges from elsewhere in Florida are still in Orange County.
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    Although most wildlife problems are strictly a nuisance, there are times they become a real threat to you the homeowner. Some wild animals are known to carry disease, which pose health hazards to get animals out and your family. Our initial service includes visual inspection for damage, such as chewed wiring, locating points of entry, and set up of our live cage traps. Our well-trained staff are here to help and Orange county wildlife control takes pride in our work and feel that customer service is our top priority. We not only remove unwanted wildlife but we follow up with damage repair to aid in preventing future problems. Repairs completed by Orange county animal control are guaranteed for a minimum of 1year.

    "I feel our Customer Service and our Above Average Work Ethic are things that make us
    stand out from our competitors. Although Fees and other charges are unavoidable
    and in many cases economy driven, We Will Never Leave You in a Bind. I would
    rather make nothing for my service and know that you and your family is safe, than to hold
    out for a few dollars. After all, it is those I serve that keep me and my family safe"



    Orange County Animal Control / Wildlife Removal

    All the information above apply to Roof Rats as well with some additional tips because roof rats may be active above ground level as well.
    Always try to place baits between there areas and all food sources.

    • Place bait above ground, such as the rafters and garages, fence rails, trees, telephone phones, etc. They should be tied securely so non targeted animals and children may not access them.
    • Roof rats may travel quite a distance to access food. In residential areas for example, roof rats may travel from harboring areas in trees to feed in garbage cans, pet dishes , etc.
    • Inspect dense cover areas, because roof rats like to rest and feed in these areas.
      These are areas that you will want to place your bait or traps.
    • Roof rats like to feed on smaller amounts and various locations than the bigger sized Norway Rat.
      Provide more areas for feeding.
    • You can use PVC pipes(2 inches in diameter) as bait stations to bait on narrow ledges and overhead areas.
      Bait blocks should be wired, and the PVC pipe affixed to the areas.



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