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poisoning kills rats, but will not eliminate infestation
integrated pest control and trapping is essential       
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How To Kill Rats

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The problems rats cause is distressing. Many people want the fastest and easiest solution to eliminate the infestation. In Orlando, Florida, many people don't know anyone to call except their contracted bug pest control company.
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Poisoning rats is a temporary solution that does not address the cause of the problem.


The building must be inspected to find entry points and work done to seal these spots. Killing via poison is somewhat effective but the death can occur anywhere often creating a dead animal odor problem.
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Trapping rats is far more effective way of killing the infesting rodents. Trapping in Orlando, FL is almost always for roof rats, and consequently rat size snap traps should be used.


Killing rats via traps is part of the solution... but to eliminate the infestation, work on the building must take place. In Orlando, Wildlife Patrol seals the building the same day the traps are set to increase the speed and efficiency of the rat solution.

How To Solve Rat Problems - more than just killing rats
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  • 1). cut all branches 3 ft from roof

  • 2). find the entry points by searching everywhere, take your time inspecting the roof, attic, and eave - this is the most important part of the work

  • 3). cover the attic with 12-20 large snap rat traps

  • 4). clean out attic insulation to remove rodent scent factors by vacuuming out dropping


    The young rats reach sexual maturity in 2-3 months, females average 4-7 litters a year, with 8-12 pups per litter. Adults live about a year. Read above about how kill rats before they reach 1 year.  They live in colonies. The Norway rat generally prefers to live in underground tunnels. On farms, they will be near a food source: barns, granaries, livestock buildings, and silos. In the cities, they will be in the ground in their is available space, but have been known live entirely inside buildings. Rats will seek food outside, but many times will come inside at night to forage for food and how to their burrows. Needing a water source, they can obtain water from toilets, sinks, rain puddles, or condensation from utility pipes. Their nesting burrows on the outside are often along the foundation of walls. As you kill rats, more burrows are built, resulting in a network of underground tunnels. Inside, the Norway Rat commonly nest on the lower levels, but if the population is too large, they may be found in the attic and ceiling areas. Their nests are built from soft material like paper or grass chewed into small pieces. Rats will kill if necessary to enter a building, the Norway Rat is an excellent swimmer. Rats are suspicious of changes in the environment or new foods, for this reason it may take a couple of days for traps or poison baits to take. Rats are nocturnal, with their peak activity at dusk or before dawn. When the population is large or they are disturbed or hungry, you can see how to kill rats during the day.

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