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There is no chemical repellant for armadillo. Period.

Armadillos will not keep or stay away from mothballs or other repellants.

There are many animal repelling products sold on the internet.  In my experience these 'easy solutions' never work.  In Florida, there will be birds in the sky, squirrels in the trees, fish in the lakes, and armadillos on the ground.  Some properties are more affected by others, but there is no secret that your neighbor knows to keep them away. Some lawns get lucky.
Orlando Armadillo Pic

   Mothballs do not repel armadillo. armadillo removal pic

   Moth balls do not keep away rats, squirrels, raccoons, or any other mammal. If a Floridian continually has problems with armadillos, it would better to keep a trap at hand and learn our trapping techniques.

   Only Trapping Will Get Rid of Problem Armadillos armadillo removal pic

This is pretty typical armadillo set, with 2 large animal cage traps set around the animals burrow. The traps are set expecting the animal to return to this burrow site. The wood planks pounded into the ground to help direct the critter into the trap.

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