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Nuisance Problems Caused by Armadillos

Armadillos distress Florida homeowners with their ferocious digging abilities. Nice, neat lawn one day... nice, neat holes the next. Armadillos rip up flower beds and fresh sod in their pursuit of grubs. These critters dig burrows for temporary shelter. If the burrow extends under a building, the concrete foundation may be compromised. Follow the links below to learn more and see why our company provides the best Orlando armadillo control.
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dillo control photo Armadillo Trapper     Wildlife Patrol removes Orlando armadillos through trapping and by hand when possible. Armadillos are not a dangerous animal, but searching their burrows can be dangerous if other animals - ie diamondback rattlesnakes - have taken over their burrow.
armadillo in trap photo How To Catch Armadillo     Florida armadillos cannot be lured into a trap. Dillos do not respond to bait at all. Learn how to catch and remove aramdillo.
burrowing armadillo pic Armadillo Digging     Armadillo make 2 types of holes - feeding holes and shelter holes. The shelter holes are called burrows and can be long enough to support multiple animals. The surface holes are dug as the critter grazes for grubs.
dillo burrow pic Armdillo Burrow     Armadillos dig multiple burrows using across a home range of roughly 6-10 property yards. The burrows are shared by other armadillos. Burrows can extend up to 15 feet, but usually go about 3 feet into the ground.
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