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Armadillos are a pest to home owners in Central Florida.  They are digging machines and just one can quickly thrash a yard with its surface digging. More concerning are burrows underneath cement structures. Armadillo burrows can extend up to 25 feet in length and can threaten the integrity of a cement foundation. Armadillos thrive when they can crawl underneath a deck or porch.

Wildlife Patrol removes armadillos through live trapping and building exclusion barriers to prevent future problems.

1). Outdoor trapping
Outdoor trapping for armadillos is performed to:

1. stop burrowing on property   
2. stop surface, feeding digging on property
3. to protect cement foundation
4. to stop homeowner from being awoken at night

Armadillos cannot be repelled by chemicals. The only way to get rid of the problem animals is through trapping. Trapping is setup to catch the armadillo unharmed. Traps are set along with temporary fencing to funnel armadillos into traps. Trap positioning is key to catching armadillos as baiting is not helpful

2). Exclusion barriers
When armadillos crawl under a deck, the under deck space becomes essentially a mega burrow. To stop this, a barrier is created to prevent animals from crawling underneath the structure. Trapping is done beforehand to insure the space is clear of animals before the barrier is constructed. The barrier is typically drilled into the structure and then barried 12-18 inches into the ground to prevent armadillos and opossum from tunneling underneath it.

armadillo digging burrow

completed burrow

Jon with catch
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