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Bat Removal In Orlando, FL

Bats create large roosting colonies inside the roofs of exposed buildings. The bats leave mass amounts of droppings which are unpleasant in odor and appearance, but more importantly are a major source of the respiratory disease histoplamosis. Florida bat removal involves carefully inspecting a building to find how the animals are using it and then setting up an exclusion system. Bats are not killed, exterminated, or trapped in this process..
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Bat Removal From Building Roof or Attic    
Bat removal is performed through exclusion. Bats are not exterminated or even trapped in this removal process. A one-way system is setup allowing Florida bats to leave the building but not return. .
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Orlando Bat Exclusion Experts     Our bat experts have performed hundreds of successful exclusion projects throughout Orlando and throughout Florida. Click here to learn more about our company's removal process and how we handle dealing with different architectural problems. .
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Florida Bat Control Photos     This is our collection of Florida bat removal photos taken while performing colony exclusion. .

Bat Watch for Infestation Confirmation. To confirm that bats are actually roosting in or on a building, look for bats flying in and out of a site and/ or for signs of infestation. A bat watch can be conducted by two people (more may be necessary to observe large or complex sites) posted at opposite corners of a structure. An evening watch begins about 30 minutes before dark and a morning watch begins about 1 hour before dawn. Observations should continue for approximately 1 hour.

Such observations can indicate exit/ entry points and the number of bat removal in Orlando. With practice, distinguishing some bat species may also be possible. For example, compared to the big brown bat, the little brown bat is noticeably smaller in size, and its flight has more rapid wing beats, and more rapid turning and darting.

It may be necessary to watch for more than one night to compensate for weather conditions, batsí sensitivity to observers, noisy or inexperienced observers, and improper use of light. Bat removal can be enhanced with a standard flashlight, but be certain to keep the bright part of the beam as far as possible away from the exit hole being observed. Bright light will increase batsí reluctance to exit and may result in an incomplete exit of the colony.

Orlando bat removal
is valuable observation aid is a powerful, rechargeable flashlight equipped with a plastic, red pop-off filter. Also, an electric headlamp, supplied with rechargeable batteries and fitted to a climbing or spelunking helmet, allows hands-off illumination outdoors as well as indoors when exploring roost locations. Bats are sensitive to light intensity and can visually discriminate shapes and patterns in extremely low light situations. They can only see in black and white; hence, the low-contrast illumination and soft shadows produced by red light has little effect on bats.

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