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Orlando Pest Control - integrated services for rats, mice, and rodents.

Wildlife Patrol is an Orlando Pest Control company that deals with animals, every critter from mice and rats up to raccoons and snakes. The most common pest problem we encounter is rats in the attic. All animal in attic jobs are solved through the same process.

1. Home Inspection
The pest control solution begins with a thourough inspection of the home's rooftop, eaves,
foundation, and attic to determine a) what pest is the culprit, b) how its getting into the home, and c) what brought the animal to the property.

The critter in the attic for Orlando is usually roof rat. We confirm rat is the problem by looking at types of entry points and tracks & droppings in the attic. The time

The best Orlando exterminators will solve the problem structurally. click here to learn how Wildlife Patrol solves rat inside home problems

Most of our customers report hearing an animal in the attic, and call not knowing which animal is in the attic. When a homeowner sees a rat or mouse in the home, the problem needs immediate attention. Rats and mice tend to shy away from the home living space. When they do come into the home, rodent population levels may be very high.

The best way to exterminate rats is to heavily trap where they reside. This usually means loading up the attic or crawl space with 20-30 individual lethal snap traps. In most cases, we can avoid trapping inside the home proper completely - meaning no traps where children or pets could stumble into them. click here to learn more about rat trapping
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Rat Biology Facts

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Careful Home Inspection

Rat Prevention Art
Repair Rat Entry Points

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Landscape Modification

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Trap and Kill Rats

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Eliminate the Attic Mess

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