Raccoons in Orlando

Racoons in the attic?  Pooping in pool?
Raccoons in trash, porch, or tearing screens?

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Orlando Raccoon Trapping and Removal Services.

Raccoons cause problems both inside and outside a home.  They enter attics for warmth and safety; and often to birth, nest, and raise a litter. Outside the home, they poop in swimming pools, tear apart screened-in porches, and rip through garbage bags.

Wildlife Patrol solves raccoon problems inside or outside the home through live snaring and trapping depending on the situation.

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1). Inside The Attic
Raccoons in attic work is solved via our standard animal in attic protocol:

1. inspection    2. trapping    3. repairs    4. decontamination

During the inspection, we investigate the property to determine the problem critter animal is raccoon and then search the attic for signs of a litter. Raccoon babies will be tucked away in the attic where they can be a real challenge to remove. Wildlife Patrol does everything possible to get the litter safely out of the attic. We often finish jobs started by other companies where babies are left behind to die.

Our goal is to capture the mother and babies together, so they can be relocated as a unit. In situations where the mother cannot be trapped or caught by snare pole, the babies are taken to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. When the animals have been removed and the home sealed, decontamination services to get rid of the animal mess are strongly recommended.

2). Outdoor problems
In Orlando, there will always be raccoons outside. Outdoor trapping is setup to catch the target animals. Trapping for outdoor problems is done with live humane traps. Catching raccoons continues until problems cease. For defecating in pools, ripping up garbage, tearing through porch screen problems, etc, if trapping is not performed the problem animals will continue their harmful behavior indefinitely. No repellants work for raccoons. The only way to stop the problem is to trap and remove the problem animals.

The top reason for removing outdoor raccoons to protect and keep one's property and pool free of raccoon defecation, but raccon rabies is also major concern. Rabid raccoons are rare, but if someone is bit by a raccoon, they will NEED to be treated as if the animal was indeed rabid. Rabies is a disease that cannot be taken lightly as it's next to impossible to cure once symptoms begin. Rabies post-exposure treatment is expensive $1200 - $1500. Although healthy coons will not bite a homeowner normally, if they are caught by surprise they will defend themselves.

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