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Orlando control of rats, mice,
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Orlando Rat Control

How To Solve Problems With Rats & Mice

rats in attic logo Rats in the Attic     Roof rats climb trees and telephone wires to reach rooftops. Every neighborhood in Central Florida has rats although they are rarely seen. From time to time, rats will find their way to the attic of a home. The attic becomes their warm and safe breeding grounds.
pest control file Integrated Pest Control     Rat control from Wildlife Patrol means more than laying a few traps. We analyze the structure to find the how the rats got to the rooftop and how they then entered the attic. A thorough inspection of the roof and attic is essential.
rat snap traps Rat Trapping     Rat trapping can go wrong a number of ways. Rats are faily intelligent animals and their capture is not easy. What kind of traps work best? Where should they be laid?
Lake Mary wildlife removal Rat Control Photos    This is our collection of rat and mice photographs we've taken over the years while performing rat control services in Orlando, FL .
rats in attic logo Poisoning Rats and Mice     Poisoning rats is NEVER a good idea. Wildlife Patrol NEVER solves rat control problems with poison. Why doesn't this work? What problems can this cause?  Orlando rat control should never be performed with poison in residential settings.
tile roof rats photo Rats in a Tile Roof     Rats in a tile roof home is a common problem. How do rats get through the tiles and what can be done to keep them out of tile roof home permanently?

Nuisance Problems Caused by Roof Rats

Rats are the most common animal pest in Florida. They enter building attics where they nest and reproduce. Their presence and the noises they make is disturbing enough. Their activity leaves droppings and an attic filled with soiled insulation. Worse, their inherent gnawing puts all structures at risk. Electrical wires, plumbing, and AC ducts are all at risk when rats are inside an attic. Click the topics below to learn more and see why our company provides the best rat control in Orlando.

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Rat-Proof Construction. The most successful and permanent form of rat control is to "build them out" by making their access to structures impossible. Ideally, all places where food is stored, processed or used should be rodent-proof. Store bulk foods, bird seed and dry pet food in metal cans with tight-fitting lids.

Seal any openings larger than 1/4 inch to exclude both rats and mice. Openings where utility conduits enter buildings should be sealed tightly with metal or concrete. Equip floor drains and sewer pipes with tightfitting grates having openings less than 1/4 inch in diameter. Doors, windows and screens should fit tightly. It may be necessary to cover edges with sheet metal to prevent gnawing.

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Incredible Cunning. Another way to kill rats is to return to the old poisons. With an almost incredible cunning, though, some rats have learned to let one member of the pack taste the bait. If he dies immediately, the food is ignored.

"We aren't exactly alarmed—the Ministry of Agriculture is never alarmed —but we are working very hard to find an alternative to warfarin," says a British government official. Even so, the rats have a final defense that has made a fool of man since the combat began. The average female produces up to twelve litters a year, and in each litter are ten ravenous young rats.

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