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Snake Removal Photos from Ocoee, FL
bats trapping pic florida bats in attic removal image getting rid of rats in Orlando Florida pest control trapping for squirrels image
a very poisonous Florida snake venomous snake removal Orlando Ocoee python removal Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake in Ocoee
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black racer inside Florida home baby snake removal yellow rat snake in the attic the deadly Coral snake
Ocoee Exterminators image Florida bat pic Ocoee bat photo Apoka Lake Mary Heathrow rats
cottonmouth (water moccasin) Ocoee animal removal Orlando snake removal glue trap for snakes

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Orlando Snake Removal    Wildlife Patrol is a pest control and removal company for bats, rats, raccoons, and other nuisance wildlife animals. Our Florida snake work has 5 components: we inspect the property and remove any snakes we come across, we inspect for nesting sites, we make recommendations regarding landscaping modification to help deter snake activity, we inspect the home for any openings snakes could use to get in and seal those areas up, and lastly we put down a chemical deterring agent around the property.
                     Snake Control for Orlando and Ocoee


      call for snake control: 407-810-1381


Ocoee animal control often arrive at a house with a wildlife problem and see that the homeowner has tried to trap the animal on their own. The attempts are always as expected - very amateurish. I've seen, on multiple occasions, people setting squirrel-sized traps for large armadillos.  The traps are always in the wrong place, or the wrong size, with the wrong bait, at the wrong sensitivity and angle and flushness to the ground and no animal in its right mind would enter the trap. Of course, if it does, what then? Half the time the homeowner has trapped the wrong animal. If not, they don't know what to do with it. Some of them simply drive the animal down the block and let it go! It comes right back. Some people relocate it to the local park - that's illegal. In fact, a lot of the do-it-yourself wildlife trapping practices out there are not legal for people who don't have a wildlife trapper's permit from the Ocoee Wildlife Control. Finally, trapping animals is usually only a part of the problem. What if you've got some holes in your roof and squirrels are getting in your attic? You catch a squirrel in your own trap and remove it - great - you've still got four more squirrels, perhaps a litter of baby squirrels in the attic, you've still got the holes in your roof and the squirrel smell left over, and even if you do catch all the squirrels, new ones will enter your attic again soon. The solution to the wildlife problem is never as simple as setting a trap and carting away an animal.


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