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Squirrels in the attic? - scratching and chewing noises?
Trap, remove, and get these rodent pests out.

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Orlando Squirrel Trapping and Removal Services.

Squirrels cause problems for homeowners by nesting in their attic. They enter attics for warmth and safety; and often to birth, nest, and raise a litter. These pests are ferocious chewers and will gnaw their way through wooden structures to get into the attic. Once inside, they make scratching noises (mostly at sunrise and sunset), leave droppings all over, and threaten all sensitive attic structures with their need to chew.

Wildlife Patrol solves squirrel problems inside or outside the home through live trapping the animals and sealing the structure to keep them out permanently.

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1). Inside The Attic
There are no easy sprays, chemicals, or machines to solve squirrel problems. Sonic-devices, repellant agents, etc. will NOT solve a squirrel inside attic problem.

Squirrels in attic work is solved via our standard animal in attic protocol:

1. inspection    2. trapping    3. repairs    4. decontamination

During the inspection, we investigate the property to determine the problem critter animal is indeed squirrel and then study the structure to determine how and where to trap and to find the animal entry points. Most squirrel jobs involve a mother with its juvenile offspring. Depending on the layout of the entry points and attic, trapping may be performed directly at the entry points, inside the attic, or on the rooftop. If baby animals are taken from the attic, we transport them to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. When the critters have been removed and the home sealed, decontamination services to get rid of the animal mess are strongly recommended.

2). Squirrel stuck in wall or chimney
The next most common problem squirrels cause is getting stuck down a structure where cannot climb out. This happens a lot inside wall or down chimney flues. The animal will die if nothing is done. This is bad for the squirel and bad for the home which would have to deal with a dead animal odor until the body decomposes.

Wildlife Patrol are not exterminators and we do not exterminate or kill squirrels. Squirrels are caught safely, humanely, and once catches have stopped; traps are pulled and we try to relocate the squirrell family together.
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