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Orlando bird prevention, removal, trapping and control for pest bird problems

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Pigeon Removal and Prevention - Orlando, FL

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A number of options exist for managing or preventing nuisance situations involving pigeons:

Orlando pigeon removal often prefer to use the interior portions of buildings to nest and roost if an opportunity for access is provided. Openings to lofts, steeples, vents, and eaves can be blocked with 1/2-inch galvanized wire mesh, wood, sheet metal, or other solid construction materials to prevent pigeons from entering.

Controlling Orlando pigeons on the exterior surfaces of buildings often requires considerably more effort. The most effective and permanent methods of control involve structural modifications which either physically exclude Orlando pigeons from the preferred surface or make it difficult for the birds to rest comfortably on the exposed building surfaces. Physical exclusion can be accomplished by installing weather resistant netting, wire screening, sheet metal, or other materials in a manner that will restrict access to the roosting sites. A grid of heavy gauge monofilament line spaced at six-inch intervals may also be used to create a fence that will interfere with the birds' normal flight pattern to the roosting area.

One of the most effective, although expensive methods for preventing roosting pigeons is the use of a commercially available bird removal barrier system consisting of a series of metal prongs or porcupine wires along a metal base that can be attached to a horizontal roosting surface. The needle-like strips of stainless steel act as a prickling fence to exclude birds permanently without harm.

Pigeon prevention prefer to roost on level surfaces. Roosting areas can be modified to create a sloping surface, at a 60 degree incline or more, by installing wire mesh or other material to eliminate the level surfaces. There are also a number of non-toxic sticky substances registered as tactile repellents for bird control efforts. Orlando bird prevention tend to avoid landing upon treated areas but the effectiveness is usually lost over time.

Disposing of waste

Any feces or material that might be contaminated should be removed from work area and should be disposed of or decontaminated properly and safely top avoid cross contamination or it could pose a health hazard. Before an activity is started, the quantity of material to be removed should be estimated. (If the approximate volume of dry bat or bird feces in a building can be estimated,) Requirements established by local and state authorities for the removal, transportation, and disposal of contaminated waste should be followed. Arrangements should be made with a landfill operator concerning the quantity of material to be disposed of, the dates when the material will be delivered, and the disposal location. If local or state landfill regulations define material contaminated as infectious waste, incineration or another decontamination method may also be required.

Wearing personal protective equipment (PPE)

Due to airborne work practices and dust control measures to reduce worker exposures to contaminates, have not been fully evaluated, using personal protective equipment (PPE) is still necessary during some activities. During removal of an accumulation of bat or bird feces from an enclosed area such as an attic, dust control measures should be used, but wearing a NIOSH-approved heap respirator, nitrile gloves and disposable coveralls are recommended to reduce further the risk of exposure.

Reducing Histoplasmosis Contamination  

The primary way to try to prevent histoplasmosis is to avoid places that may contain dirt contaminated with bird or bat droppings, such as in an attic or pigeon removal coop. Also, leave piles of bat or bird droppings alone unless you take precautions, such as wetting down the material with proper disinfectant, to prevent the contaminated dirt from becoming airborne. You should also wear PPE (Personal protective equipment) if working in a potential contaminated environment, which is known to contain bat or bird feces.


Nest removal:
Although time-consuming and unpleasant, removing nests will help depress populations. Nest destruction must be followed by pigeon-proofing the structure to achieve maximum population control.

There is only one product removal registered for lethal control of pigeons in California and can only be used by a certified pest control operator. The product is generally not appropriate or feasible for most nuisance situations. We are strongly against this.

Pigeons may be live-trapped on buildings and other likely locations. Live-traps for pigeons are available. Pre-baiting the traps with grains that the birds are accustomed to will increase success. A variety of baits, including cracked corn, millet, popcorn, sunflower seeds, peas, bread, and peanuts can be used. Water is available in the trap at all times. Trapping in any given area will usually reduce the number of pigeons quickly and humanely, it is labor intensive, and most of the time a great reduction measure.

Acoustical and visual repellents are other means of reducing pigeon usage, but pigeons usually become accustomed quickly to these scare devices. There is very limited success using helium-filled eyespot balloons, predator (owl) decoys, and reflective mylar tape in roosting areas. The same limited success is achieved by the use of noisemaking devices such as tape-recorded bird distress calls, firing of blank cartridges, and the use of propane-fired cannons in agricultural areas. Combining a number of techniques and frequent changes in the duration and location of the repellent may increase success.

"Pigeons can be controlled by capturing them in traps placed near their roosting, loafing, or feeding sites. Shooting birds, using contact poisons, and baiting with poisoned food should be used as last resorts and should only be done by qualified pest control specialists. Using such methods to kill nuisance birds may also require a special permit." (NIOSH - National Institute of Safety and Health)

Pigeons Repellents:
A sticky substance applied with a caulk gun where birds roost. Results are immediate!!! Keep birds off their normal roosting areas with an application of bird gel a liquid a sure-fire, non-toxic, non-lethal bird repellent. Harmless to metal structures, sealed masonry and ornamental metals, Bird-Proof can protect your property from messy bird deposits for up to a full year or longer with one thorough application.

Bird-gel works in any weather, indoors or outdoors, literally anywhere: on water tanks, trees, shrubbery, shipping docks and railroad sidings, yards, parking lots, etc.

With one application of Bird-gel you'll drive off the birds that are infesting your premises now and prevent new birds from taking over

Orlando pigeon prevention
Orlando pigeon removal is the ultimate bird control method. In fact, it is the most innovative bird control product out there. Using any other method would hinder your house's appearance and is not always effective. Orlando pigeon removal creates a barrier that makes it physically impossible for birds to land or perch.

Dense, Transparent Needle Strips, block pest birds from their "landing strips" very effective but expensive "keep off" sign you can post. Birds instinctively fly to "landing strips" such as roof ledges, windowsills, building projections, signs, statues, trusses and beams. Now you can keep them from landing on your property permanently!
TOUGH. Long-lasting provides decades of maintenance-free protection.
TRANSPARENT. It does the job without marring the look of your property. It's xpractically invisible.
DENSE. Top branches protrude from the vertical shafts to give impenetrable coverage. No need to double up.
FLEXIBLE. Mounts easily on flat, curved or irregular surfaces - whether wood, metal xor masonry.
ENVIRONMENT SAFE AND NON-LETHAL. Nothing to rust or deteriorate.

Netting is the most efficient and effective method to prevent birds from entering parking garages, airline hangers, warehouses, loading docks, attics, eves, courtyards and other exposed enclosures. Netting is manufactured from knotted polyethylene twine, is flame resistant, and very strong. When installed, netting is virtually invisible.

Feces Clean-Up
Employees are trained, bonded and insured. Abolish Pest Control Company will furnish all lighting, portable generator, tools, equipment, pressure washer, bactericide and disinfectant.

Equipment and Chemicals
Abolish Pest Control Company uses a powerful, wide spectrum multi-purpose sanitizing spray to kill harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, mildew, etc. The bactericide and disinfectant is applied directly on bird droppings, nests etc, to neutralize any harmful germs and enable safe removal of the waste materials. We use a HEPA vacuum in certain areas that cannot be reached by regular means. By thoroughly cleaning the structure, you can eliminate the scent of their presence and help discourage their return. All feces will be double bagged into 3 mil trash bags.

Breathing Protection
Orlando pigeon prevention uses a NIOSH approved respirator with high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters capable of excluding particles of 0.3-micron size.

Protective Clothing
Disposable coveralls, gloves, boots and hats are worn by Orlando pigeon prevention employees to protect personal clothing from contamination with infective organisms. We seal the glove/sleeve and boot/leg interfaces before entering the worksite.

To protect the employees of your work place, it is required that employees keep clear of the work site during feces removal.
To view before and after pictures please click here.

    Orlando Pigeon Removal And Prevention

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There are many types of electric shock systems to use on Orlando bird problems. The power source can either be hard-wired or bird-powered. Both energy sources are dependable and very inexpensive in regards to energy usage. Electric pigeon removal have proven to be very effective, non-lethal, very low-profile and enormously expandable. There are basically 4 types of systems which can be considered, based on your particular problem. There is the homemade system where parallel wires are run by Orlando pest control through insulators. There is the prefabricated “M-Shaped” track. There is also the prefabricated flat mat. Finally, there is the more technical but very effective single wire system. The biggest contractual question in determining which system is best for you is whether the treatment area would afford pigeons the ability to perch or nest beside or against electric contact points. Orlando pest control system is certainly the cheapest but also the most problematic in regards to maintenance and results. The contact points are galvanized wires run between evenly spaced insulators. The wires simply run parallel. Unfortunately, these often massive systems are easily shorted out with strong winds, when snagged by a branch or when tripped over by a pigeon trap. The “M-Shaped” track is also relatively inexpensive but also higher profile, with a track that has been known to block fecal runoff from the building and also anchor twigs exceptionally well. The flat mat electric is by far the best product on the market for treating specific surfaces with an aggressive and low-profile product. Unfortunately, this is also the most expensive Orlando bird control on the market, reserved for the very discriminate consumer. The single wire electric shock system is an extraordinarily useful and effective product for very specific applications, especially flat tile or asphalt roofs just to name a few. This system is very reasonably priced but many contractors do not have the knowledge to offer you this product due to its technical installation. If you are considering an electric shock system, be sure you are clear that you want results on the areas you are having bid. Results means the contractor will probably bid to run more rows of electric than if you only require guaranteed work, which technically includes only products and bird cleaning.


Orlando pest control understand that the word exclusion is the biggest word in pigeon control. It is an absolute no-brainer that if you can prevent a pigeon from getting to where they want to nest or perch, results are guaranteed. The biggest challenge for Orlando pest control operators is installing an exclusionary product that looks aesthetically acceptable, is installed so pigeons will not get behind it or nest against it, and that will last a good long time. The longest lasting Orlando bird prevention exclusionary application is a galvanized wire mesh. This product is ideal for small areas with only a few nesting spots. This galvanized wire mesh product can also be installed and painted in such a way as to provide very acceptable and long term results and aesthetics. The decision for the Orlando pigeon prevention becomes more difficult when the problem area is very large and not conducive to wire mesh with its size limitations and aesthetics. Commercial size treatment areas need to seriously consider the professional installation of commercial-grade exclusionary netting often called Stealth Net. When installed correctly, this netting provides a trampoline-type, colored-netting wall, or drop-ceiling impenetrable to pigeons. This is by far the most effective, commercial, pigeon-control application available today. Keep in mind, there still needs to be words of caution: When installed incorrectly, pigeons easily nest against the net cabling and also access between the net anchors, where the attachment cable scallops away from the wall. You may find this hard to believe, but many uncaring companies do not even attach their net to a cable or use hog rings. This severely diminishes the life of the product. Installed correctly, Stealth Netting should last well beyond 10 years

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