Raccoons Trapping

trapping for raccoon using three different control methods

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Raccoon Trapping.

Raccoons are trapped to stop the damage they cause in the attic or outside on the property. These animals are well known carriers of rabies. They break into attics to raise their young. They use swimming pools as their own toilet.

There are 3 main ways to trap a raccoon:

1.  Retrieve the litter by hand and use as bait to catch the mother raccoon.

catching raccoon family image
The raccoon litter is removed by hand once located in the attic. This method is relatively dangerous as the mother raccoon is likely in the attic and will defend her young. Mother raccoons will do anything for their young.
This method involves quite a bit of skill. If you cannot safely move around in the attic, call a professional.

2.  With the raccoon known to be inside the attic, set the trap at the entry point and structurally force the raccoon to enter the trap as it comes out.

getting the raccoon out of the attic image
No animal can enter an attic and stay there. They all have to come out sooner or later for food and water. A trap over the entry hole, secured so that the animal cannot bypass the trap, is an excellent way to be certain to catch the target animal. Some entry points do not allow this type of setup.

3.  Catch raccoons with live humane traps on the ground baited with delicious foods.

getting the raccoon out of the attic image
This is a poor method if the problem raccoon is inside the attic. But sometimes, its the only method. If the problem is raccoons pooping in the pool, digging in the trash, or ripping up screened in porches, then this is the correct approach. Raccoons like everything, so the choice of bait isn't terribly important. If meat products are used, especially catfood or tuna - you will increase the odds that you will catch a cat! If the raccoon has been caught before, the raccoons may stay away from the traps.

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