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How To Prevent Snake Problems - Snake Help and Information for Orlando, FL

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Florida Snake Control - Orlando

rats in attic logo Snake Removal     Snakes get into garage and home attic on occasion. The best way to get rid of snakes is to get an Orlando snake removal expert directly out to the property while the snake is in sight.
Florida snake picture Florida Venomous / Poisonous Snakes     There are 6 specie of venomous snakes present in Florida. In greater Orlando, only 4. Click here to see pictures of these species.
snake in attic icon Snake in Attic     The yellow rat snake enters attics in search of yellow rats. How to prevent animal entry into attic and what to do to remove snakes from home attic.
snake prevention photo Preventing Snakes     Snakes are hard to keep off a property completely. But there are several steps a homeowner can take to make their land as snake-unfriendly as possible. Orlando snakes can be deterred to a degree.

Nuisance Problems Caused by Snakes

Snakes are a common presence in Orlando. These reptiles thrive in the humid climate of Central Florida. Some people have irrational fears (ophidiophobia) of these critters. The best step to take for Orlando Snake Control is to learn about the 4 venomous species in our area. If you can identify these on sight, then every other snake you see, you will know it is not dangerous. Follow the links below to learn more and see why our company provides the best snake control in Orlando.
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Most people are bitten when trying to kill or handle a snake. As a general rule, snakes are just as frightened of you as possibly you are of them. Often they move as quickly as possible in the other direction. Snakes cause no property damage, but seeing a snake or its shed (skin) may frighten some people.

Snakes are seen more often in the spring or fall as they search for food or move to and from a hibernation area. Snakes frequently are associated with small mammal habitat because rodents are a primary food source. For this reason snakes are considered beneficial to man.

There are two forms of control measures that can be taken (non-lethal and lethal). The difference is that while non-lethal measures can be taken at any time, lethal measures can only be taken when a snake is seen.

Non-lethal Orlando snake control measures are the most commonly practiced forms of control. Snakes can be discouraged from staying in an area by cutting off their food supply and cover. Mow closely around homes and outbuildings, and store firewood and lumber away from residences. Reduce mulch layers around shrubs to about 2 to 3 inches in depth to discourage small animals. Close cracks and crevices in buildings and around pipes and utility connections with 1/4-inch mesh hardware cloth, mortar or sheet metal. All doors and windows should have tightly fitting screens.

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