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Worried about snakes outside, inside, or in the attic?
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Snakes are abundant in Central Florida. Most are harmless, but 6 species found in Florida are venomous; and because snake identification is not easy, all snake bites must be treated with great urgency.

Most snake jobs involve removing a snake that has entered a building. Occasionally, a home owner will call with a large nest of snakes on the property and even rarer, snakes can get into the attic.
Wildlife Patrol removes snakes by hand, tongs, or snake traps and uses proven repellants to decrease snake activity on your property.

1). Outdoor removal
Central Florida's most common snakes:

1. black racer   
2. garter snake
3. corn snake
4. banded-water snake

2). Snake prevention
Snakes are relatively abundant in Florida. Although there is no way to permanently keep them off your property, there are agents which can be employed make your . To stop this, a barrier is created to prevent animals from crawling underneath the structure. Trapping is done beforehand to insure the space is clear of animals before the barrier is constructed. The barrier is typically drilled into the structure and then barried 12-18 inches into the ground to prevent armadillos and opossum from tunneling underneath it.

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water mocassin
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