Snaring A Raccoon

immediate racoon removal by snare pole, fast and safe animal control for Orlando

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Orlando, FL Humane Removal of Raccoons
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Snaring a raccoon.

Most raccoons we catch are captured through trapping with humane live traps for adults, or by hand for small juvenile and baby raccoons. Occasionally though, the problem raccoon will be present when we arrive and immediate removal by snaring is possible. Most cases involve trapping, only cornered or sick animals can be snared

Raccoon on roof image
The raccoon is sitting at a roof corner. This raccoon was not entering the attic. It just liked resting at this spot.

Catching a raccoon image 1
Jon loops the mighty animal's neck...
Catching a raccoon image 2
and takes it away! This step is done quickly to minimize trauma to animal. The raccoon is put into a trap and the snare pole released in one quick step

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