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Nuisance Problems Caused by Squirrels

Squirrels are the most commonly seen mammal in Florida. They jump from trees to the rooftops of all the homes in Orlando. When homeowners hear noises in the attic, the first guess is squirrels are inside the attic. And they are often correct. Mother squirrels love to use attics to nest and raise their litter. Squirrel activity creates running, scratching, and chewing noises from the ceiling and makes an attic filled with soiled insulation. Worse, their inherant rodent gnawing (just like rats) puts all structures at risk. Electrical wires, plumbing, and AC ducts are all at risk when squirrels are in the attic. Click the topics below to learn more and see why our company provides the best Orlando squirrel control.
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rats in attic logo Squirrels in the Attic     A home attic has everything a squirrel could want. What's better than an isolated, warm, safe, fluffy environment for raising baby squirrels? Nothing.
pest control file Squirrel Removal     Getting squirrels out of the attic takes a bit of skill. The key to squirrel removal is finding the exact entry point(s). These jobs are easy or difficult depending on the home structure and attic access.
rat snap traps Trapping for Squirrels     Squirrel trapping is more involved than putting a few peanuts in a cage and seeing what develops. Our Orlando squirrel control company traps by funneling the animals directly into the trap. The critters are caught alive with no-kill techniques.
rats in attic logo Squirrels in Chimney Fireplace     Squirrels are curious animals and always on the look out for isolated, safe homes. They often fall down an open chimney cap, mistakenly believing they can crawl out. Squirrel control for this situation involves providing the stuck squirrel means to climb out.
orlando lake eola photo Squirrels Stuck in Wall     The space between walls is continuous with the attic. Animals inside the attic can climb down wall wells. Sometimes fall to an area that they can't climb out of.
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