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Orlando Squirrel Removal In Attic

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Find the entry point     Squirrels usually enter a home somewhere around the eave. You will probably need to go up on roof and look around eaves with a ladder to see everything. Alternatively, spend some time watching the squirrels in your yard. They will eventually show you their way in.  Squirrels in the attic is a problem that needs to be solved quickly to minimize the chance of damage to attic wires, plumbing, or air conditioning ducts.
squirrel inside eave squirrel looking out hole

Set a 1-way trap at the main hole     Baiting a one-way trap is unnecessary, but may speed up the results. With the trap in place, give the squirrels time to enter it on their own. This type of trap can be purchased online at WildlifeControlSupplies.com.  The advantage of trapping with a 1-way trap versus a traditional food trap, is that this trap cannot be sprung by wind or rain.  And this squirrel removal method focuses on just catching the problem squirrels and not just catching any random squirrel running along the roof.

scratching inside wall

Continue trapping for 5 days after last catch     As long as there are no other exit points, the squirrel will have to come out and be trapped. Take the captured squirrel at least 10 miles away from your property before releasing. Keep the trap up until all noises in the ceiling stop for at least 5 days before making the final repair.  Squirrels often bring nuts into the attic and can stay in the attic for several days without needing food.  But eventually they will have to go outside for water and directly enter the trap.

winter park squirrel problem

Traditional squirrel traps are sprung with the first catch... 1 way traps can catch up to 6 squirrels at once.  Do not wait other squirrels to enter the trap before releasing the first catch though ... as squirrels panic inside a trap and will die in hot Orlando weather if not released shortly after being captured..

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