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Squirrel Trapping.

Squirrels are trapped to stop the damage they cause in the attic or outside on the property. These animals are rodent chewing machines and their gnawing can damage wires, plumbing, and airducts. They break into attics to raise their young in a safe, dry, and warm environment.

The pest problem results in noises coming from the ceiling, droppings are urine in the insulation, and direct threat to sensitive structures.

There are 2 main ways to trap a squirrel:

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1.  Trap at the main entry / exit point and seal the rest of the building.

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Squirrels move in and out of the attic throughout the day. Their greatest activity takes place at sunrise and sunset. The rodents have to leave the attic for food and water. If you can trap the entry point and seal the remainder of the structure, the squirrel is forced come out of the attic and go straight in the trap.
This method requires proper identification of the entry point. In cases which of 2 - 3 possible holes are being used, each hole must be trapped to ensure the squirrel finds it way out.

2.   Lure the squirrel with food or water bait into an individual trap placed in the attic or roof.

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Trapping squirrels in baited traps is a good way to trap squirrels but shouldn't be used alone to solve squirrel in attic problems. Repairs, in conjunction with entry point trapping, are needed to ensure success. One problem with indiscriminately catching squirrels, is that you cannot be certain you have caught the squirrels which have been going inside the attic. Baited traps work best with fruits and nuts as bait and set along the very peaks of roofs.

Wildlife Patrol are not exterminators and we do not exterminate or kill squirrels. Squirrels are caught safely, humanely, and once catches have stopped; traps are pulled and we try to relocate the squirrel family together.

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