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Squirrel In Wall

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Removing Squirrels From Inside Wall

Scatching noises coming from inside the wall?

The walls in most homes are hollow and connected continuously with the attic. Homeowners with rodents problems in the attic will often hear noises coming not only from the ceiling, but also the walls. Usually, the Florida animal climbs down from the attic and has no problem climbing right back out.

Occassionally, the animal - usually a juvenile squirrel or rat - will climb or fall down a wall and not be able to get out. If the homeowner hears noise from the wall that sounds frantic, is at the bottom of the wall, and there are vocal crying noises as well - then the animal is probably stuck. The animal needs to be rescued from the wall space before it dies of dehydration and creates an odor problem in the home.

squirrel stuck in chimney image
The Orlando homeowner reported consistent noises coming from the bottom of the wall for two straight days.  Noises in the walls are usually from rats, and usually the rats are freely going up and down the walls into the attic.

get the squirrel out photo
Our Orlando animal removal experts cut into the drywall to find the animals.  Our experience removing squirrels keeps damage to drywall to a minimal.

Squirrel trapper photo
Two baby Florida squirrels huddled inside the wall.  These animals were born inside the attic and somehow fell down a wall well they couldn't climb out of.

Squirrel Caught photo
The rodent critters are pulled out by hand and put in cages.  Most animal in wall jobs are juvenile animals - usually rats, squirrels, or opossums.

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