Squirrels in the Attic

Get the squirrel out and seal the chimney cap.
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Scatching noises coming from attic?

Squirrels need a safe, warm shelter to birth and raise their litter. An attic fits all their needs. Squirrels travel along roofs and if they discover a way into the attic, they will rememember. Once inside, the squirrels will carry out their normal rodent activity (urinating, defecating, and most importantly... chewing) inside the home. The critters can make a large mess if the problem is not taken care of. Far worse, they can chew and destroy any of the attic's sensitive structures, such as wires, air conditioning ducts, and plumbing.

squirrels in the attic image
4 squirrels posing in an attic.

animal damage photo
For rodents (rats, squirrels, etc) life is all chewing, all the time.

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