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Orlando wildlfe control for rats, squirrels, raccoons, mice, snakes, bats, and more!

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 Wildlife Control Prices

       The following is an explanation of the fees involved in Wildlife Patrol's most common type of work - removal of animals from inside a building.  These fees apply for rat, squirrel, raccoon, and opossum removal from building.

(See specific animal pages for more information and pricing examples.)

 INSPECTION and TRAP SETUP............................ $169.00
      Wildlife Patrol examines the building and determines the best long term solution. Questions that will be answered include:  which animal is causing the problem?, how are they getting in?, what is the condition of the attic?  A price for repairs/ preventative treatments is given based upon inspection findings. During the initial visit, Wildlife Patrol will begin trapping with the appropriate, specie specific traps. Inspection fee applies to all animal inside building jobs.
        If customer chooses to have the inspection without beginning trapping, Wildlife Patrol charges $89.00

 TRAPPING RETURN TRIP ................................... $95.00
      Animal in attic work usually takes 1 to 3 return trips. Wildlife Patrol does NOT charge a per animal fee for animal inside building trapping.   Trapping fee applies to all return trips for animal inside building work.

 REPAIRS ................................................ determined at inspection
      Trapping alone will not solve animal inside home problems.   Entry sites must be sealed to achieve long term solutions.  Repair fee depends on entry points and vulnerable areas found during inspection. All repairs performed by Wildlife Patrol are guaranteed against animal reentry for 1 year.

 DECONTAMINATION ....................................... $250 and up
      Removing the animal mess is optional.  Wildlife Patrol recommends decontamination in cases of long standing animal problems.  The exact price is determined at the inspection and is based on amount of animal waste and size of area soiled.

       The primary objective of any Orlando wildlife control program should be to reduce damage in a practical, humane and environmentally acceptable manner. If you base Orlando wildlife control methods on the habits and biology of the animals causing damage, your efforts will be more effective and will serve to maximize safety to the environment, humans and other animals. A key to controlling Orlando wildlife control damage is prompt and accurate determination of which animal is causing the damage. Even someone with no training or experience can often identify the pest by thoroughly examining the damaged area. Because feeding indications of many wildlife species are similar, other signs such as droppings, tracks, burrows, nests or food caches are usually needed to make a positive species identification.

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