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Ocala Critter Animal Control / Wildlife Trapping
Orlando raccoon trapper raccoon control in Maitland  raccoon removal from Winter Park Florida
raccoon in natural "attic" Florida Animal and Raccoon trapper raccoon caught getting out of attic - house sealed to keep critters out
baby coon in FL Florida raccoon trapper Jon's first animal control job - Orlando, Florida 2003

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Animal Trapper in Winter Park FL    Wildlfe Patrol is an animal trapping company in Central Florida. We specialize in animal in attic problems, where we trap the rodent critters, keep out animals by repairing the home, and restore the attic. Raccoon removal is one of most common jobs. These photos are all originally taken by our own animal trappers.


            Wildlife Control / Snake Prevention

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Orlando snake removal:  407-810-1381

g is an underrated method of controlling rodents. One reason trapping is often overlooked is that snap traps have been around for a long time and are cheap. Traps can be used to eliminate rats where poison baits would be dangerous, to avoid dead rat odors, and to eliminate bait-shy rats.

It is important to place traps where the rats are. Rats and mice are used to human odors so there is no need to use gloves when handling traps. Since mice travel only 10-30 feet but rats travel 100-150 feet from harborages, more traps are needed to trap mice than rats in a house.

Rats and mice also have different behavior around new objects. Rats are cautious, and it may be a week before they approach a trap. Mice are curious and will normally approach traps the first night. If you don't catch a mouse in the first few nights, the trap is in the wrong location. To help rats overcome trap shyness, place traps unset, in place, for several days. This allows rats to overcome shyness and results in better catches.

Baited traps rely on the rat's being attracted for feeding. The bait must compete with other available foods, so no one bait is ever the best bait for all locations. Rodents living on garbage or spoiled food prefer something fresh. The following are some baits that have proven to be successful:

Wounded or sick animals seek inaccessible spots in a home or business (another reason we never recommend poisons). If you think something has died, let us find and remove the remains before the smell becomes intolerable. This business is not for the faint of heart!

Ocala pest control companies, but most deal with extermination of insects. We deal strictly with wild animals, such as raccoon, skunk, opossum, and more. Wildlife Patrol, Inc. differs from the average Ocala exterminator business because we are licensed and insured experts, and deal only with animals. We are not merely trappers, but full-services nuisance wildlife control operators, offering advanced solutions.  Diamondback Rattlesnakes  photographs This is one of the largest venomous snakes in the world. Adult males sometimes reaches a length of 8 feet. Because it is rather common and distributed widely across Florida the diamondback rattlesnake is probably the snake that accounts for most fatal snake bites in the US. The prefer Orlando rodents or any other Orlando animal control that can be swallowed.


Ocala Animal Control & Pest Wildlife Removal
In Marion County, FL

I searched animal removal-southfield, mi and in the first two or three names was one who called himself “trapper.” I didn’t have to look any further. I needed someone who had this kind of claim on his ability to do this work. “Trapper Ron” was his name as listed. I gave him a call and he said he’d be here within an hour. Wow, I thought! I needed quick help. He came over and I showed him where my new furry friend was. Well, I guess the raccoon started likin’ my fireplace and he climbed up beyond Trapper Ron’s pole-yoke could reach. So he set some traps and said he’d be back to pick it up in the morning. We talked the next day he told me the bait was missing out of two traps and a dish filled with bait was taken from a third. It was such a cold and dreary night, the traps had frozen open! So he had re-baited them and the next day he called to tell me he caught them. Them?!, I thought. No. Mine was still with me. So I was rid of two extra pests that I didn’t know I had! Trapper Ron came over with a jar of stuff I remember as Scent of Coyote. He thought this smell of a raccoon’s mortal enemy would certainly run it out of its new home. No, not this time. So Trapper Ron baited and reset two fresh traps. Trapper Ron said if he didn’t trap him this time, he’d bring “Trapper” Erik, his son, and they’d get him from either the fireplace or the rooftop.
My furry friend was so smart, it did go out to eat, but it went to guess where… my garbage cans again! And then it came back in. Trapper Ron came over the next day and moved the raccoon to a position where it could be captured. And of course, I’m happy to be rid of my new furry friend… and his two pals! I am sharing this long story to tell you about raccoons. They are very smart and likeable. Even though I have learned much about raccoons through this experience, I am still very cautious about interacting with them. I must also speak about Trapper Ron. I watched him from a front row seat. In our case, the problem raccoon didn’t read the textbook. There are many things about Trapper Ron which I really like. He listens to you. He has an easy-going and pleasing personality. He gives from himself. He wants to do the job. He wants to work quickly on a very reasonable timetable. He has the experience and he has the equipment. If he needs a hand, he has Erik. And Erik seems to be relaxed and competent in this job too! If you need to have an animal removed, Trapper Ron will do it, answer your questions and maybe tell you a story too! Now I can concentrate on my Wedding Photography…or should I try Pet Photography?

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