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Apopka Mouse Control

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House Mice are common pest throughout the county.  In Apopka, Florida, most mouse calls our pest control company takes actually turn out to be rat problems.   The difference in appearance between juvenile rats and full grown house mice very subtle.

Mice in Apopka and Apopka are much smaller than rats, but they can still do a lot of damage. They destroy food, books, furniture and even appliances with their gnawing, urine and droppings. Worse, mice in the home have been linked to a number of human diseases, including asthma. Because of their small size, they can fit through crevices as small as 1/4 inch wide, making them hard to control.

Keys to solving problems with mice mice
Mouse infestation often starts in the garage and spreads into the home.
  • 1). Find the entry points  Carefully inspect the eave of the home, particularly how its ventilated on its underside and where the eave forms corners with the rooftop. These locations are frequently used by rats and mice to get into a home.

  • 2). Seal the opening with steel or other non-chewable material.  Seal the home immediately. Stopping the rodents from getting in and out makes it much easier to trap them. When the mice and rats cannot leave to get food outside, they be much more driven to the trap's bait.

  • 3). Trap with the a lot of traps, and make sure you have the right size trap.  The more traps the better for catching rats and mice. Most jobs we do are trapped with 12-20 traps. Most rodent problems in Apopka are roof rats, and by far the most effective trap are large snap traps. Mice can be caught with glue traps, but rats generally cannot. If you are unsure of whether the problem is rats or mice, use multiple trap types.
  • Wood-based snap traps are inexpensive and work well. Put a sheet of newspaper under the trap and place them anywhere you think mice are living. Be careful to keep traps out of the reach of children and pets! Setting traps in pairs works best. Set traps at right angles to the wall, with the trigger end touching the wall. Put them about 6 to 10 feet apart, since mice tend to travel very short distances. Mice tend not to cross large open spaces.

    Enlarge the traps by attaching a two-inch square of cardboard to each trigger, or you can buy the expanded trigger model of trap. Foods that attract mice -- crunchy peanut butter, freshly-fried bacon, fruit, nutmeats, or gumdrops -- can be fastened securely to the trigger of each trap with thread. When the mouse takes the bait, the trap will spring.

    Check traps daily. If nothing happens in a couple of days, move the traps to a new location. Mice are not afraid of new things or bothered by the smell of humans or dead mice on traps.

    If you have many mice, you might have to use a multi-catch mouse trap or a glue board. You can purchase these in most hardware stores. Again, check traps every day.

    Call our Apopka Mouse Control for expert trapping and removal: 407-810-1381

    Apopka Mouse Control

    Mice thrive in Central Florida's warm climate and multiple lakes. The threat of rodent infestation is present throughout most of the country from mice and squirrels. But warmer climate cities like Apopka, Florida have the added animal threat: the roof rat. This animal causes problems in Apopka that you never see in cold climates like Chicago.

    When homeowners hear noises in the attic or see rodent evidence in the home, many people first turn to their bug pest control service for help. In general the help provided by bug companies for rodents is limited to poisoning and laying traps. Most bug pest control companies do not go into the attic or on to the roof, making any work they do superficial at best.

    Structural Mouse and Rodent Control
    If you have a rodent problem, you need to have someone who can find the entry points that are allowing the animals to get in. Bug companies generally don't do this. Permanent mouse control is what Wildlife Patrol specializes in. If you don't hire us, you need to at least find someone to address to the problem structurally.

    Lasting mouse solution
    Rat and mouse control work can be expensive or inexpensive depending on the condition of the home. The cost of Apopka mouse control is a one time cost, where once the home is properly taken care of, not only will the current problem be quickly resolved, we can rodent proof the building to ensure no recurrence.
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    Mice in the home

    The pictures above show rodent chewed wires and air ducts up in the attic.  Below is an example of trapping with multiple trap types. Note the dog food, this is the strongest bait for rats and mice.

    Florida mouse

    A final word about mouse control...

    The best way to control mice is to keep them out in the first place. Check your home yearly to make sure it's still mouse-proof and keep your home and property uncluttered. Don't expect your cat or dog to keep mice away. You have to take the necessary steps to prevent mice from becoming a problem.


    Poisoned baits that contain anticoagulants, such as Warfarin, Pival and chlorophacinone, are the most effective, least toxic mouse poisons for home use. Continuous feedings for at least six to ten days are needed. First, read all label instructions completely, and follow them carefully. Watch out for children and pets! Make sure the baits are clearly marked and place them in a secluded and secure area that is attractive to mice -- such as in cabinets, behind appliances, under boards, boxes, pipes or cans -- and where they are also protected from rain and snow. Remove baits when all mouse activity stops or after one month of use, whichever comes first. Follow label directions when disposing of all poisons!


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