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Clermont Animal In Attic - expert Clermont trappers for critter pest control problem

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Apopka Trapping Company | Critter Removal Business
trapping company possum pic animal apoka business image pest in Florida image animal removal Apopka
opossum removal
by snare pole
critter removed
by hand in attic

baby wildlife in Apopka, FL attic - do not catch possums like rats in attic

possum family
in Orlando attic - customer also had squirrels in the attic

trapping company removes opossum photo critter business in Florida baby opossum in Orlando pic Florida opossum photo
Apopka trapper, no exterminators in Wildlife Control animal removal by wildlife expert Jon with one of his
first catches.
opossum in defensive
position showing teeth - respect Florida wildlife
apopka wildlife removal photo rats in the attic apopka pic trapping business company image wildlife trapper pic
animal removed from wall in Apopka, FL possum in tree - please be kind to Florida animals Florida opossums - litter clinging to mother animal Orlando trapper performing possum pest patrol perfectly
company photo of critter snakes in Apopka, FL animal in business engine removing animal problem in FL
inside car engine in downtown Apopka, FL this wouldn't work for removing squirrels in the attic possum in car engine baby opossums clinging to mother
squirrels in the attic apopka catching company critters animal control company in FL
expert trapping company business wildlife business / critter removal Apopka, Florida Orange County Florida baby opossum

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Animal Trapping Company Business     Our company handles nuisance wildlife problems in the greater Orlando, FL area. Critters enter attics, crawlspaces, and other parts of the home and we remove them; and keep them out by the sealing the home. Our Orlando animal control company works hard to treat problems permanently the first time.


Animals in the attic?  Attic pest control for immediate expert critter help!


        Wildlife Patrol:   407-810-1381


Wildlife Patrol is the most widely used and respected wildlife control business in Florida. It is the oldest operating wildlife control business, being the first to obtain a license in 1990. I have traveled from Yarmouth to Cape Breton, helping to solve wildlife related problems in regards to residential, commercial and industrial sites.

As more and more wilderness areas are being developed, wildlife/human conflicts will increase. Many wild animals and birds are no longer dispersing, but adapting to living around and with humans. This can create all sorts of problems and concerns.

At Wildlife Patrol, I use non-lethal approaches in order to solve your problem. This might involve catching and removing the animal/bird and relocating it. It may involve the use of repellents or exclusionary measures. Sometimes, it involves a combination of the above. Only the most knowledgeable and experienced individual(s) will know best and at Wildlife Patrol, my qualifications, are unsurpassed.

Some companies will tell you some of the facts, yet stretch out of proportion these facts in order to scare you into giving them your business. At Wildlife Patrol, you will get only the facts, no scare tactics are used, and the opportunity to have your problem solved, saving you money, sometimes thousands of dollars (depending on work to be performed). I will not scare you into giving me your business-this is my guarantee.

If you are looking for the most qualified and professional person to solve your specific problem, do not hesitate to call Wildlife Patrol. The experience and knowledge you will get will put you well on your way to solving your problem.



The most common animals we deal with are raccoons, squirrels, bats, groundhogs, opossums, beavers, pigeons, starlings and sparrows. Other animals we work with include flying squirrels, skunks, muskrats, chipmunks, snakes, moles, voles, mice and rats (no poisons or chemicals). We can work with other types of animals, but are not allowed to control deer, ducks, geese, or domestic animals like cats and dogs. We offer chimney cap installations, attic vent screening, lower deck screening, protective garden fencing, and other animal exclusion and damage prevention programs. We offer gutter cleaning service as the acorns, seeds and organic debris in gutters will attract rodents which may then enter your attic and wall spaces. We own our own towable boom lift, scissors lift, and personal manlift which allows us to reach higher areas with added safety. We also offer attic or complete structure inspections for wildlife damage.

We are located in south central Illinois, about 50 miles south of Springfield. We are about 45 miles north of St. Louis. Except for bats, our service area covers about a 50 mile radius. Since we specialize in bat exclusions, we cover the entire state of Illinois for bats, and many parts of Missouri. Other states may be considered, but costs associated with travel expenses and lodging must be factored in, along with the details regarding permits, licensing, and state wildlife laws. We will contact state DNR or Game & Fish agencies before scheduling any out of state bat work or site inspections.

We are approved by Bat Conservation International as a certified professional bat exclusion company. As a BCI-approved company, we conform to the highest standards for bat control work. We use no chemicals, and do not use traps for bats. We use a systematic exclusion procedure, which allows the bats to leave the structure but not return into it. Our bat exclusion programs promote positive bat conservation practices.


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