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Animal / Rat Scratching Inside Wall?

Most instances where animals are in the wall in Florida, the culprits are roof rats.  The hollow chamber of home walls connects directly with the attic.  Animals in the wall is almost always a typical rats in the attic problem where the rats have decided to descend down the wall chambers from time to time.  Squirrels and mice in Orlando, FL can do this as well, but nearly as often as roof rats.

The first question with hearing animals in the wall is:

How long have been hearing the scratching and is it always at the same location?

If the customer answers that they have been hearing scratching in multiple wall locations then we proceed with our normal rats in the attic setup.

If customer only has heard the noise recently and at only 1 specific location, then a more drastic solution may be called for:

rats scratching inside wall
The customer heard scratching consistently from one spot in the wall for the past 2 days. Most scratching inside wall sounds are made by rats. Occasionally, the scratching is the sound of an animal that is stuck, having come down from attic, and now can't get back up. This happens most commonly with baby opossums, though baby squirrels do this as well.

squirrel inside wall
The drywall is cut into above the scratching sound. The important parts of this step are to cut shallowly and not risk cutting into electric wires, to cut the hole in the right location and size the first time, and to cut neatly to allow an easy repair.

maitland animal control photo
At this home in Fort Lauderdale Florida, the customer had trapped for the mother possum himself, but didn't account for the babies.  Baby possums move around without purpose and frequently find themselves stuck.

removing wall opossum photo
After the animals in the wall were removed, traps were set in the attic to see if any other baby possums were still present. 

Rats in the walls? Bats in the attic?  Mouse in the house?
Call our Miami trappers
 At 407-810-1381

Animals in the attic?  Attic pest control for immediate expert critter help!


        Wildlife Patrol:   407-810-1381

Sometimes animals die in the worst places; in attics, walls, or under the house. When these animals pass on,  it is often difficult to locate and remove them. But Our Fort Lauderdale Dead Animal Removal Team is up for the task and poised to succeed. Dead Animal Removal is one of the dirtiest jobs on the planet. And is definitely not meant for the squeamish of heart. We do what others won't. We climb into hot attics, crawl underneath wet, muddy, and dusty homes, cut open walls (only when needed) "sniff out" the animal, remove it and any affected materials,  decontaminate the affected area, and then dispose of the carcass in an approved manner. Miami dead animal removal is never a  pleasant experience! However, we strive to make our customers happy by doing everything that we can in the most efficient manner possible.

Are you in dire need of a dead animal removal service? Do you need dead animal removal from within your home or business? Wildlife Patrol is the leading expert in dead animal removal service in the greater Atlanta, GA area.

As of October 2008 Fort Lauderdale trappers  went on 750 dead animal removal calls and removed a dead animal from 95 percent of the buildings, other calls turned out to be a sewage problem, a few of the callers would not allow us to cut their wall open (dead animal removal only works if the technician is allowed to do his job) and one was an undetermined odor.

Some of these dead animal removal callers tried other companies before using our service, to no avail. Some of our competitors were the ones responsible for the death of the animal; animals can be poisoned or trapped inside a home.

Miami animal removal can locate and remove the dead animal and take the proper steps to disinfect the affected area to eliminate the odor.

It is also important to inspect your home or business to find out how that animal gained entry and take the proper steps to prevent future problems in your home or office.

Here are the most common situations that we deal with:



Serving the Miami | Fort Lauderdale areas, Boca Raton trappers is a family run business providing years of animal removal and trapping control experience coupled with an expert background in home construction and repair. We are able to provide you with complete solutions to your critter problems in Florida.

As our population grows and animals continue to acclimate to living among us, more conflicts are inevitable. Often within our suburban and urban neighborhoods, we provide a setting which is better than what nature provides in the wild, particularly with more and better food and excellent shelter.

At Miami rat control, we are  prepared for this growing population by continued education (both classroom and field training), in order to apply the best methods possible in control of wild animal populations.

Insurance - for your protection and ours we are fully insured.  This is very important as wildlife removal tend to inhabit areas which are sometimes difficult and dangerous to access.

Inspect - What is the problem creature?

Diagnose - Why is it here? How did it get in?  What can animal removal in Fort Lauderdale, as well as the customer, do to prevent a reoccurrence?

Capture - We use the most effective techniques and equipment. Continuing this quest for the best  through the continued education of our staff!

Remove - In most cases, problem wildlife is removed from the site.
Exclude - Installing the necessary barriers to keep animals out.

Repair - Restoring damaged and weathered entry areas with materials which provide aesthetics and resiliency to stop entry by the same or other wildlife.


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