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How To Remove Bats

 bat problem experts - Orlando, FL

Bat problems under the roof or inside the attic.
Bats colonize the building in large numbers, annoying the Florida residents with their large numbers and large amount of guano.  When the colony gets unbearably large or when they realize the bats will not be leaving on their own, they call Orlando bat removal at 407-810-1381.

Bat expert building inspection and project proposal.
Florida bat removal is completely dependent on the architecture of the building the bats are using. Every job requires a solution tailored to that building.

On this first visit, our Orlando bat experts inspect the building outside and inside the attic to determine how to remove bats,  what needs to be sealed on the building, and what kind of cleanup should be performed for the bat droppings.

Installing the exclusion system and sealing the building
Once a contract is agreed upon, our expert bat control work begins with sealing auxillary openings of the building and setting up the bat removal netting. This step is longest step and may involve several days of sealing. Most of the building is sealed duirng this stage, with only a few spots left open. All open areas are covered with removal systems. After this how to remove bats stage has been complete, the bats will no longer be able to enter the building. And any bats inside the building will be released out the exclusion netting.

Sealing the last openings, cleaning out the attic
After the removal systems have been in place for 5-7 days, our bat experts return to take down the exclusion system, seal the last openings into the building, and clean out the attic.

In some cases cleaning is performed simultaneously with the repairs to the building. The main goal of removing the bat problem guano is prevent its inhalation - a known carrier of histoplamosis.
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how to get rid of bats Florida 

Orlando snake removal:  407-810-1381


We Safely Remove /Relocate Bats and Clean Up The Mess

With over twenty six years experience as a licensed contractor in the state of California, Gary's Bat Removal Service should be your first call. A registered bat excluder with Bat Conservation International (BCI) , we only use approved exclusion methods and materials.

Ultrasonic devices, chemical repellents, and smoke are not approved by BCI as effective methods to evict bats from buildings. In addition, canned spray foam is not an approved sealant for cracks and holes in most situations. It is not only unattractive, but can result in the death of bats that come into contact with it. This product should never be used when bats are still present. Our service uses exclusion methods that ensure the safety of both bats and people.

Gary's Bat Removal Service is a FULL SERVICE BAT EXCLUDER. Exclusion is the ONLY effective solution for permanently removing bats from buildings. Trapping and relocating alone is ineffective since bats have excellent homing instincts and simply return, even when released at great distances. The use of pesticides against bats is illegal and counterproductive. Poisoning greatly increases the likelihood of bats coming into contact with people and pets.

Naphthalene, the active ingredient in moth balls, and ultrasonic devices are often promoted as bat repellents. However, ultrasonic devices are ineffective against bats, and to be effective, naphthalene must be used in such large quantities that it poses a significant health hazard to humans.

Gary's Bat Removal Service strongly recommends that we bat-proof the entire building and avoid spot treatments. Moving bats from one corner of a building to another does not solve the problem and may require that further exclusion work is carried out at some time in the future, further disturbing the bats and the property owner

We have been working for many years to help protect Florida bats. But still, colonies are being sealed into buildings using improper methods, and pups are being sealed into buildings during the maternity season (April 15-August 15). Exclusions during the maternity season create problems for home and building owners as well, when the young bats die in their ceilings, walls, and other areas. Most colonial bats in Florida form large colonies, rather than small scattered ones. Often all of the bats in one city may be in only a few large colonies. The loss of colonies like these has a great impact on bat populations. For their size, bats are the slowest reproducing of the mammals. This slow reproduction rate makes bat populations vulnerable.   The proposed rule will not be a cure all, but it will be a big step in the right direction. We will still need to educate people working in professions that have an impact bats. It's been a difficult road, with many starts and stops, but finally the FWC has drafted a proposed rule change regarding bats. The proposed changes are intended to:  < 1. Clarify that bats are among those species not included in general nuisance wildlife rules; 2. Insure that unintentional take of bats, when incidental to approved exclusion practices, does not constitute a violation; 3. And, preclude bat exclusions during the maternity season.   Supporting this new rule is easy! Below I've pasted the proposed regulation and a link to the rule change page on the FWC website. Scroll down and click on proposed rule number 68A-9.010, Taking Nuisance Wildlife. This will take you to a page where you can make a comment, which can be as simple as saying that you support any rules that will help protect bats. Comments must be received by October 1st. I hope you can take a few minutes this week to help the bats. I've also attached a position paper regarding the issue in case you want more information.  Bat control work should not be attempted by amateurs. It takes an expert with a lot of experience to do the job correctly. I have performed over 100 safe bat exclusions thus far, with a 100% success rate. I always offer a 3-year guarantee on my work. I never harm or kill any of the bats. My bat elimination system (it is not bat extermination) ensures that all of the bats are safely excluded (removed) from the building, and that they will never return. To the right, you will see a photo of one of the hundreds of bat removal jobs I've done in Florida. I also offer full cleanup and decontamination after they are gone. I have worked on many extremely challenging cases in many different states. I have observed many ignorant pest control companies attempt to do bat work, and they often resort to illegal, inhumane, and ineffective methods to try to solve the problem, such as the use of "bat poison", or simply sealing them in a building to die, rot, and stink without safely getting them out first. Please do not hire an inexperienced company, for the bat's sake. They are very valuable animals. They only give birth to one young a year, they live up to 20 years, and they eat thousands of insects a night. They are not lowly creatures, and should be treated with respect.

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