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Wildlife Patrol traps and removes critters in the greater Tampa FL area, and we work in Kissimmee, FL and Osceola County Florida. If  problem critters have invaded your home attic in Orlando, our Kissimmee experts can solve your problem. We remove raccoons, squirrels, bats, rats, snakes, and more. Our office takes calls from 8am to 8pm daily and our Kissimmee exterminators would be happy to talk to you about your wildlife problem and schedule an appointment to inspect, trap, and remove your animal problem. We service all of central Florida. Wildlife Patrol is a commercial pest control company... we are the free Seminole County Animal Services or Orange County Florida Animal Control. County animal control deal only with dogs and cats. We provide professional wildlife removal - we service Tampa, Brandon, Lake Mary, Heathrow, Apopka, Sarasota, Winter Park, Conway, Longwood, St. Cloud, Orlando, Clearwater, and more.

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Tampa pigeon problems on balconies can be pretty difficult as this is so often a community based critter in the attic problem. When a few people control the bats and birds on the property or from home attics, then the critters tend to stay in the problem, and start to establish nesting sites on balconies. Your Kissimmee critter pest control, or if it is a Condo raccoon in the attic, then your Orlando animal removal has an obligation to ensure that tenants do not do things that interfere with other tenants or owners being able to "enjoy" their homes. As the previous recommendation stated, netting does work well, but you should check with your Kissimmee rat control or the Condo bat removal before you have this installed. The cost of installing netting can vary from around $100 - $250 or more depending on the size of the balcony. Installations using wood are no good.... the wood will get wet and rot eventually, and if your installer damages the cement floor or the railing, you may be responsible for the costs. By letting your critters control your condo trapper know the problem, you would then have an approved firm do the installation. A good installation will last for years, and can be repaired fairly easily. The Bird Barrier site noted by the previous professional will give you a good idea of the low tech, but sturdy type of installation. Trapping and removing the critters off by being persistent and destroying the eggs, and cleaning up nesting material also works very well, if you do not have many pigeons on the building. It is a difficult animal problem for sure.

A word to the Kissimmee critter removal about this whole group of "miracle electronic critter repellers"... none of these work.. they do nothing.. except make those who market them a bit richer. Solving bat problems takes a professional who knows something about bats. In Canada the two most common species in houses are ... the little brown bat and the big brown bat.. Those are not merely ways of describing them, those are the actual common names of these individual species. The little brown bat does not stay in structures during winter. They leave and control critters in Kissimmee or in other locations. The big brown bat, as Kissimmee pest control says, does stay in structures. A bat specialist can learn which species you have by checking the bat "scat"... or .. for if you are lucky enough to get someone who really knows bats, they actually measure the pitch of their ultrasonic squeaks... and identify them that way.
If you live in an area where there are lots of  bats in the attic you might even consider installing a bat house on a tree nearby.. The bats do return to the same location if it is little brown bats. You can prepare for their return by having a critter removal and control team learn where they are getting in, and blocking this area.
There is an excellent resource for bats on the web.. it may even be in Kissimmee... A small booklet that is available on the net and gives you a truly complete perspective on getting bats out of your home. If it is not on this site, I will post the actual location of the book on the web for you.


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