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Rat Exterminators in Tampa


Mission Statement:   To humanely resolve animal problems caused by Florida critters while maintaining first-class customer service. We specialize in animal removal and exclusion control for both residential and commercial customers. Our pest control business is fully licensed and insured for operations in throughout Florida.

Humane:  Wildlife Patrol respects the wildlife causing the animal in attic problem.  We use lethal traps only when necessary for rats and mice.  Our trappers never exterminate any critter larger than a rat.  Tampa exterminators often use poison for squirrels and even raccoons, our trappers can solve your critter problem without using poisons against Florida critters.

               owners, Dave and Jon

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Effective:  Our goal is to provide the most effective and efficient means of to solve your animal problem. Our expertise comes from our years of experience working in every situation and our dedication to our work. We trap for any problem inside the attic or home and always follow through with a game plan. We analyze each nuance of the critter problem, and come up with the best solution for your particular home. This means that we study the types of animal, the environment, what the animal is doing, and the best means of eliminating the problem in a safe and humane way.

Professional:  At Wildlife Patrol, we are dedicated to professionalism in every facet of our work. You will not find another company whose operators are as well educated and respectful of professional communication. From our appearance, including clean white service trucks and uniforms, to our punctuality, to our excellent communication and responsiveness, we strive to provide the best customer experience possible. Our co-owners both have degrees from the
University of Notre Dame, one is a medical doctor, and both come from great families. In short, we deviate from the norm.

Our Philosophy:  We at Wildlife Patrol understand that while most people enjoy wildlife, they enjoy it in the outside of their home, and not in their own buildings. As the number of people in Orlando and Miami continues to grow, and as we continue to spread into more wild areas, animals  adapt to choose human dwellings as their living area of choice. Many animals find that human attics, with their sound construction, warmth, access to food, etc. make excellent habitat.  Animals also cause unsettling noise in a building, and leave their remnants behind. We find that most of my customers object to the noise, the destruction of property, and the droppings animals leave. We solve these problems and give customers peace of mind, as well as safety, while doing our best to respect nature as well




  humane trapping for squirrels, bats, raccoons and fast extermination for rats & mice

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                    Tampa Exterminators: 813-579-5709

Snap traps are the most fastest and safest way to eliminate and exterminate rodents in a building.  When used properly by Orlando exterminators, the traps will catch the rodents in the first few nights. Traps should never be placed where other animals or children may come in contact, which means Orlando exterminators should only place rat traps in the attic or other definite out of reach areas. Poison baits can be an effective control when Orlando exterminators are seeking to control an outdoor problem, but NEVER when the poisoned rats are still getting into the attic.

A common Orlando exterminator problem caused by mice and rats is chewing insulation off electrical wiring.  The insulation is not a food source but if the wire sheath restricts access through a rat entry hole it is easier to chew than the surrounding material. Although impossible to prove, Orlando rodents including rats, squirrels, and mice, are suspected to cause many building fires.

The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed classifying second generation anti-coagulant rodenticides (brodifacoum, bromadiolone, and difethialone) as restricted use products and requiring that all rodenticide products available for sale to consumers and labeled for indoor residential use be sold only in refillable tamper-resistant bait stations.  Pellets, grain baits, seed baits, and other types of loose rodenticide products would no longer be permissible for consumer products.  The proposal comes as part of EPA's re-registration of rodenticides.  Orlando pest control exterminators need to adhere to these standards.


Exterminators in Tampa FL

Roof rats are primarily nocturnal in habit and they are very cautious critters. Although citrus rats constantly explore their surroundings, they shy away from new objects and changes. Roof rats prefer to nest in the upper parts of home attics but may be found under buildings as well as occasionally in basements and sewers. Outdoors, Orlando rodents prefer to nest in higher places such as in trees but may occasionally be found in burrows in or under vegetation around the structure.  Several nests may be located within a given area. An opening of greater than 1/2" is required for entry of an adult rodent into buildings, this size corresponds the skull size of the rat.

Although rats eat everything, roof rats in the attic are very fond of peanut butter and dried pet food.   If the eaten food material proves disagreeable, Mice and rats are quick to develop food/bait shyness. Once they find an acceptable/preferred Orlando exterminator, rats tend to eat their fill at one sitting/place and will return time after time.

Once established indoors,  Florida roof rats tend to follow the same route or pathway between their harborage and food and/or water sources. Runways along vertical surfaces will usually include dark rub or swing marks on the vertical surface where their fur makes contact. Their runways will be free of debris, and Florida outdoors, the grass will be worn away to the bare soil.



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