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Raccoon Removal From The Attic - how to get raccoons out - Florida pest experts

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How To Solve & Control Raccoon Problems

raccoons in attic pic Getting Raccoons Out Of Attic     Mother raccoons find the safest possible location to birth and raise their litter.  Baby raccoons are completely vulnerable and need protection.  Mother raccoons frequently find and enter attics to shield their young.  Learn how to find the litter in the attic and how to use the litter to catch the mother.
raccoon problem pic How To Trap Raccoons     Trapping raccoon can be difficult if the trapper is trying to catch the one specific raccoon that is using an attic.  The best results come when using the architecture or the raccoon litter to your advantage. There are 3 ways trap for raccoon. Ground trapping in general is straight forward when not targeting any particular raccoon.
wildlife control traps Raccoon Video Gallery     This page holds Wildlife Patrol's raccoon control videos. These videos show a mother moving her kits up a tree as well as showing different steps of the removal process from an attic.
raccoons control pic Photo Gallery of Raccoons     This is a collection of some of our favorite raccoon photos. These photos were all taken by Wildlife Patrol.
raccoon trapper file Removal by Trapping At the Entry Point     Removing raccoons from an attic is a challenge depending on how the raccoon is getting through the roof and where the litter is located. The best Orlando raccoon control technique involves removing the litter by hand and then using the babies as bait for the mother.
Seminole animal control photo Snaring Raccoons     Raccoon control usually involves trapping the critters. Rarely, when the animal is sick, injured, or cornered, the animal can be removed immediately by snare pole.

Raccoon Control and Removal for Orlando, FL Florida

Raccoons are versatile, agile, dexterous, and curious. These critters thrive in Orlando, thanks in part to the numerous small lakes here in Florida. Raccoons cause 2 main types of problems for Florida homeowners: 1)break into home attic or 2)rip, tear, eat, and defecate on the homeowner's outdoor property. more and see why our company provides the best Seminole County animal | raccoon control.
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To persuade raccoons to leave an attic, crawlspace, or chimney, place a lit flashlight or utility light and a radio tuned to a talk station (not music) in the area and leave them on until the raccoon leaves. This could take a few days if there are babies in the nest. You can also place a dish of ammonia, a rag, or cotton balls soaked in ammonia inside the area to help persuade the raccoon to leave. Care should be taken when using ammonia that the smell does not get into the living area of the home and force the people to leave. Always place the ammonia in a way that it can be removed if it does cause a problem. When you think the raccoons have left, cover the opening at dusk with a sheet of plastic wrap or sprinkle flour on the ground in front of the entrance. If the plastic wrap is not broken or there are no tracks in the flour, and you donít hear baby animals crying (especially in the daytime), you can seal the opening.

CAUTION: Do not light a fire in your chimney in an attempt to smoke-out the animals. This will undoubtedly and cruelly kill them. Removing animal carcasses from chimneys is nearly impossible, and the resulting repulsive stench will stay for a long time, possibly permeating the structure of your house.
  1. Trim overhanging tree branches that may provide easy access to your home or attic.
  2. Put a 24inch wide band of sheet metal around trees to keep raccoons from climbing them. This will also help keep raccoons out of fruit trees.
  3. Screen fireplace chimneys, but make sure no raccoons are present before doing this. To prevent fire and safety hazards, check with a knowledgeable source before attempting this.
  4. Make sure all vent screens and other possible access points to your attic are secure.
  5. Lock pet doors at night, or use electronically-controlled pet doors that can be activated only by your animalís collar.
  6. Cover your window wells. Young raccoons may climb or fall into a window well and not be able to get out. Use a 2 x 4 board placed at a 45-degree angle into the well and the raccoon will climb out.
  7. Use hardware wire buried 18 to 24 inches deep and attached to the side of decks, sheds, and other structures to prevent raccoons from digging underneath them and nesting.
  8. Seal any entries into crawlspaces. Make sure no raccoons are present first! In spring and summer, be especially careful that no baby raccoons are present.

It's not easy to get raccoons out of the attic like this, but it must be done. Some companies simply set traps on the ground or roof, catch the mom (who is either nursing or always looking for food for the young) and they leave the young alone in the attic to suffer and die. That is terrible. I do many jobs in which other companies charge a fortune to be lazy and just catch the mom, and then I'm called in to do the real tough work, crawling in the attic to find and remove the babies. Please be sure that no matter who you hire, that you make sure that they remove baby raccoons from the attic. Otherwise they are inhumane, and they will leave you with quite an unpleasant odor to deal with.

Before hiring any service provider it is a good idea to ask if they are properly trained, licensed and insured. This most certainly applies to Wildlife Control Operators. The owner of BACK FORTY Inc., Rodney Malmquist, who is present on every job, regularly attends wildlife related seminars and lectures and networks with other industry leaders to bring you the latest techniques and the very best wildlife products. We are licensed by the state of Massachusetts as a problem animal control agent. We also carry liability and workers comp. insurance. In addition to this we belong to the National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA) and the Massachusetts Association of Problem Animal Controllers (MAPAC). These professional associations  are very important to this industry. We are also a member of Business Networking International (BNI). This professional networking group that meets weekly provides us with a pool of highly qualified people in other professions that we can trust. We care about being the best and bringing the best to you, our valued customer.


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