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Getting Rid Of Rats in the Attic

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Roof Rats are a specific type of rat that thrives in warm, coastal climates.  Roof rats (also called citrus or black rats) can be found throughout the country, but coastal, warm climates like Orlando, FL are where these critters really create problems.  Roof rats easily climb up to the roof and inevitably come across entry points through the roof into the attic.  Most people in Florida do not see roof rats... ever.  But they are present in ALL Florida neighborhoods, no matter how immaculately clean, usually in numbers far higher than squirrels.
Why Do Rats Go In Attics?
Roof rats enter Florida homes for 3 main reasons:
  • 1). Warmth:  Roof rats are tropical animals and crave warmth. When nighttime temperatures drop below 70 F, roof rats are driven to seek a warmer environment.

  • 2). Mating opportunities:  Nothing attracts a rat like a rat. An attic that has an active rat problem or even a past rat problem will carry a rat scent. Other rats in the vicinity will be driven to join these rats.

  • 3). Safety:  Attics are free of predators. Like all other animals, rats avoid danger for themselves and their offspring by seeking an isolated shelter, free from predators inside the attic.  Rats in the attic have the place to themselves.
  • Rodent Damage  to sensitive attic structures is the primary reason to remove the rats quickly and permanently.  Rats chew and gnaw all the time.  Rats in the attic can destroy electric wires, air ducts, and plumbing.  This damage is hard to detect until a major problem occurs.  The threat to electrical wires is a serious fire hazard, and many unexplained fires are attributed to rodents in the attic.
      roof rats in Florida
    How To Solve Rat In The Attic Problems
    The key to solving rat infestations is to find their entry points into the attic, seal these locations, and trap for rats that are sealed inside the building. Click here to see our Orlando pest control process.  Animal in attic problems are structural problems more than anything else.  To keep roof rats out, fix the roof (or in more specifically fix the eave and vents).
    Rats In The Attic Spread Diseases  include Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Rat-bite fever, and leptospirosis.  Rats in the attic leave behind droppings which breed bacteria.  Rats in the attic can descend into kitchen and contaminate the home's food.
    rat problem in attic rat diseases
    Attic decontamination is recommended for attics where droppings have built up.  Some homes need the attic vacuumed and insulation sprayed down, others need the attic insulation completely replaced.  When a house is sealed and the attic mess removed, Wildlife Patrol's permanent success rate is 100%.
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          Animal Removal in Orlando, Florida:

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          call for animal control: 407-810-1381

    What brings roof rats into the yard?
    • Garbage that rats and mice can get into, like garbage cans with loose lids, plastic or paper bags, and litter.
    • Food for pets and birds that has not been eaten. Birdseed on the ground, pet food in pet dishes, bread crumbs, etc.  
    • Fruits and berries that have fallen to the ground.  If you have a citrus tree, get rid of fallen fruit.
    • Compost pile or worm bin that isn't taken care of the right way (do not put meat, fish, poultry, or dairy in the compost) This blend will leave a strong scent to attract rodents into your home attic.
    • Dog droppings, a sloppy yard will bring rats to your doorstep.
    What do rats eat?
    • everything... but especially:
    • Foods, fats, oils that have been spilled and left on counters, floors, appliances and tables
    • Grains, like cereal, oats, rice and vegetables like potatoes and carrots that are in cardboard boxes and plastic bags
    • Pet food in boxes or bags
    • Any garbage that is not in a can that can keep away rats



    Orlando Attic Animal Control

    How to get rid rats in the attic.

    Do not give food and shelter to these most unwanted rats in the attic!

    • The time to act is before the signs (droppings) of a Orlando rat or Florida mouse.
    • Stack fire wood 18 inches off the ground and away from all buildings.
    • Birdhouses and seed should be on poles and in trays rats can't get.  Get rid of bird seed on the ground.
    • Keep garbage can lids closed tightly.
    • Plant bushes so they will stay at least 3 feet from your house.  Rats in the attic begins with how to get rid of cover around house.
    • Keep yards and alleys clean. Take junk to the dump!  Get rid of rats by getting rid of your clutter.
    • If you feed them, they will stay. Pick up fruit and vegetables in your yard.
    • Do not compost any animal products (fish, meat, chicken, cheese, butter). Keep lids tight.
    • Use only Orlando rat in the attic resistant composters.
    • In garages keep any food in closed containers that rats can't chew through.
    • Cover all openings to your house. Rats in the attic can get into very small places.
    • Do not leave your pet food outside. If your pet doesn't eat it, the rats will.  Pet food attracts rats.  It is hard to get rid of rats when their favorite food is spilled all around home.
    • Roof rats get into your house from tree branches that hang over the roof. Keep trees cut back and cover any openings in the eves.  Get rid of branches and make the rats have to work hard to get on your roof.


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