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Wildlife & Snake Photos

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Animal Specific Photo Galleries
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Possum Snake Bird Armadillo

Snake Photos:

1. for more snake photos, click the animal specific gallery above

2. if you would like to use any of our original wildlife photographs on your site or magazine, please email for permission

3. Our Orlando trappers try to keep a camera ready for interesting photo opportunities as well as to show customers different findings from the inspection

            Wildlife Control / Snake Prevention

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Cottonmouth Snakes The Cottonmouth Snake or Water Moccasin is found throughout Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It's actually also called the Florida Cottonmouth. It is highly venomous and a trapper can suffer severe damage. This snake is most often prevention with the Water Snake. A lot of Water snakes are killed on the suspicion of being Cottonmouths.

Copperhead Snakes In the Northern part of Florida, in the panhandle, there's plenty of Copperhead Snakes photos. They live in swampy areas near rivers but may also migrate to Tampa and Sarasota, where the availability of critters is better. See the section about trapping and removing Copperhead Snakes.

Coral Snakes Coral Snakes photos are one of the highly venomous snakes of Florida. Its venom is much more venomous than needed to put an end to its prey. It's nocturnal and seldom seen by humans. It poses a potential threat to children that might pick it up to show it to their Orlando snake experts.
Diamondback Rattlesnakes  photographs This is one of the largest venomous snakes in the world. Adult males sometimes reaches a length of 8 feet. Because it is rather common and distributed widely across Florida the diamondback rattlesnake is probably the snake that accounts for most fatal snake bites in the US. The prefer Orlando rodents or any other Miami animal control that can be swallowed.

Orlando Snake Removal

Some Orlando snakes lay eggs, but some Miami snakes don't. All female snakes does however hatch eggs in their Orlando bodies that either grows inside them before their offspring is actually born.   Rattlesnake removal for instance give live birth while Cottonmouth control lay eggs. The mating season for all snakes in Fort Lauderdale is in the spring. Baby snakes are born from August until the end of October. Some of the Florida snakes found in nature of Florida look after their offspring for a period and others donít. Looking after ones offspring is quite an advanced trait. The size of the snake litter varies as well. 3 to 12 snakes per litter is the usual amount for Cottonmouths while Rattlesnakes have litter sizes of 8-12. Litter size depends on prey availability and the well being of the mother. Rattlesnakes look after their offspring for up to two weeks. Most other snakes let the offspring take care of themselves right after hatching.


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