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Body, corpse, or remains in the attic? Odor in the home?
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Welcome to www.wildlife.pro! Click around for information about Florida dead wildlife and to learn how our company resolves conflicts with these dead animals.

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Wildlife Patrol  is the leading expert for dead animal removal. On many occasions, other companies have come and tried and failed (and still charged an arm and a leg), and then we come out and find and remove that dead animal. Here are the most common situations that I deal with:
  • Dead rat or squirrel in the attic.
  • Dead opossum or raccoon under the house.
  • Dead rat or mouse in the wall.
  • Or, simply, a dead animal in the yard.
Dead animal removal is not easy. I have to crawl in hot attics and under dirty homes, often in hazardous conditions, and sniff out the animal, remove, decontaminate if necessary, and later dispose of the carcass in a proper manner. It's not a pleasant job. Nevertheless, dead animal removal is a necessary service, and few jobs leave customers more grateful.


Eliminate pet odors, urine odors, dead rodent and animal odors skunk odors, smoke odors simply and safely with Earth Care's Clear the Air line of products. Earth Care does not mask odors, it has no fragrance and totally eliminates odors. When placed close to the odor producer Earth Care acts like a magnet drawing the odors into its granules and neutralizing the odor.
Company Mission Statement:   To humanely resolve conflicts with Florida's wildlife; while providing first-class customer service. We specialize in removal and exclusion practices for both residential and commercial clients. Our business is fully licensed and insured for operations in Central Florida. Animal Removal Truck                  Living Animal Services
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Check Your Home

Check porches, decks, sheds, and garages for holes or weak areas and securely seal them off. Regularly check the roof and eaves and block all holes using galvanized sheet metal. On open vents, use rustproof screening. Make sure there are no animals living inside at the time. Keep garage and shed doors shut at night. If an animal goes into a garage or shed, simply leave the door open for a few hours after dark and s/he will leave.

Trim Branches

Raccoons and other wildlife may gain entry to your roof via trees or branches that extend to your roof or slightly above it (remember they can jump short distances). Keep larger branches trimmed so they do not come within reach of your house.

Install Bright Yard Lights

Use a minimum of a 100-watt bulb for every 15 square yards of yard space to discourage nocturnal animals.

Once the Animals Have Left

Once you are sure that all animals have left, douse the area with bleach, or dust with naphtha flakes (the active ingredient in mothballs) to change the smell of the area. Then close the final point of entry. A sprinkling of flour at the entry will allow you to examine traffic patterns. Once all of the animals are out of the space, the hole through which they gained entry can be sealed with sheet metal or other durable materials. Remember that preventative measures and regular inspections of your home will eliminate most problems with wildlife.


Living with Urban Wildlife

Wild animals explore, sniff, and climb about in a variety of places, from remote forest and desert habitat to the noisy, flashing, hard-edged confines of bustling cities. They are opportunists who may dine on such natural fare as frogs, crayfish, rats, mice, roaches, birds' eggs, and wild fruit. But they are also content to enjoy a delectable dinner scrounged from the rich variety of garbage found in city and suburban settings. In fact, the city is not a Garden of Eden for wild animals. Their natural desire to dine upon what is available and to take up housing that, at first look and sniff, may seem quite suitable, can earn them the wrath of humans who unintentionally provide the food and housing in the first place. Wildlife can't cause problems unless people allow them to do so. Instead of blaming them we should work together to find solutions satisfactory to both humans and wildlife.

Orphaned Wildlife

Many raccoons, squirrels, and birds are orphaned when the tree in which their nest is located is removed. Please do not cut down a tree or demolish an abandoned building in the spring or early summer until you are sure that it contains no nesting raccoons or any other wildlife. If you do find an orphaned baby wild animal, call the WRR 24-Hour Emergency Hotline at (830) 336-2725. In most cases, we will advise you to leave him outside near the area where you found him, preferably in a hollow tree trunk or in a cardboard box with warm bedding. Make sure he is safe from inclement weather. Observe him for 24 hours. When you are positive that there is no mother to care for the baby, call WRR again. Remember that a wild animal mother is best equipped to care for her young, not a human substitute.



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